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    Jul 24, 2014

    Why Moving Back In With Your Parents Isn't Actually The Worst

    Yeah, the struggle is real, but it's also not really that much of a struggle.

    Living at home after you graduate college can seem like a bit of a bummer. You'll quickly learn how to maneuver the embarrassing conversation that follows, "Oh, where do you live?"

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    Or getting massive FOMO when your friends who don't live at home do fun things in their apartments.

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    Your parents, bless them, will judge you when you're hungover.

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    "Don't you think I feel bad enough already, mom?"


    Dating is...harder when you're living in your childhood room under mom and dad's roof.

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    Yeah no. This is not a turn-on.

    As great as it is to live with your siblings again, you've also got to, you know, live with your siblings.

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    Just like old times.

    You know all those kids you hated in high school and were so eager to get away from? Welp, guess who you'll be seeing every time you go to a bar in your hometown?

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    And your few friends who still live at home will eventually move out one by one.

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    Since it's mom and dad's house, and they're still ~concerned parents~ you need to check in with them when you go out.

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    "Ugh yes, I'll be back around 2."

    When you're living at home, sometimes you hear things. And after four years in college you know what roommate sex sounds like.

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    But the worst thing about living at home is how weirdly easy it becomes to do nothing. All. Day. Long.

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    This can be a bit of a problem when you're looking for a job or trying to find a way to move out.

    Still, there's a lot that's awesome about living at home! You save so much money when you don't have to pay rent.

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    And your room at home is probably muuuuuch nicer than anything you could afford on your own.

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    Not paying rent means you're also not paying for other utilities.

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    So gimme dat AC.

    Laundry is so much less of a hassle if you're not dragging it to a laundromat.

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    If you're really lucky, you might not even have to do it yourself!

    Everything is much cleaner!

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    Because real adults don't like to live in filth!

    Essentials like toilet paper magically replenish themselves.

    And you can use your parents' actual HBO on a real TV instead of mooching their HBO GO on your crummy laptop.

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    Heck, you can watch cable for free!

    Your parents actually know how to cook.

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    So you don't have to survive on macaroni and cheese or blow all your money on Seamless.

    And the kitchen is usually fully stocked, so you won't go hungry.

    Chances are your parents have much nicer booze than you can afford on your own.

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    Unlike roommates, your parents probably won't steal your shit.


    (Siblings may be another story, however.)

    And if you ever get the flu, your parents are obligated to take care of you.

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    Roommates are more likely to lock you in your room so they don't get sick.

    You can hang out with old high school friends who are also living at home.

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    Best of all you get to play with your pets <3 <3 <3

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    The importance of this perk cannot be overstated.

    Frankly, a lot of what's good or bad about living at home depends on how you think about it.

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    So have a good attitude and enjoy the perks of living at home. Just keep your eye on the prize.

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