What’s Your Favorite Recipe To Brag About?

What’s the one thing that you’re better at cooking than anyone else?

1. If you cook, there’s probably something that you think you’re really, really good at making.

Disney / Via gph.is

2. Even if you’re normally not great in the kitchen…

20th Century Fox / Via betcheslovethis.com

3. …there’s one thing you can make, and you can cook the hell out of it!

Disney / Via gph.is

4. Or maybe you’re a master chef, and this is the dish you can prepare better than anyone else.

Cartoon Network / Via imgur.com

The perfect sandwich!

5. Whatever your best recipe is, you’re definitely proud of it.

Universal Pictures / Via gph.is

6. I’ve got one. Are you ready for this deliciousness?

James Grebey

Serve with lots of corn bread. It’s not super spicy, but it’s awesome. (The Crisco is the secret ingredient.)

7. Share your all-star recipe in the comments below!

Disney / Via gph.is

Let’s get cooking! (And just try to beat my chili.)

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