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There's Going To Be A Production Of "Hamlet" Performed Entirely By Pugs

It's called Pug-let. Kickstarter is a strange, beautiful thing.

Shakespeare's Hamlet will soon be preformed the way it was always meant to be — with pugs, thanks to one enterprising man and 196 generous backers.

bernardbodo / Thinkstock

Kevin Broccoli, a writer and actor in Providence, R.I., set up a Kickstarter for the project in early July, and it made its $5,000 funding goal just before the August 6 deadline.


In a phone interview with BuzzFeed, Broccoli explained that he plans on having his pug actors directed on stage by their handlers or owners. Meanwhile, human actors will read their lines off to the side of the stage.

ilzesgimene / Thinkstock

He also plans on condensing the play so that it's no more than an hour long. "Even real theaters don’t do all five hours,” he explained.

Though Pug-let is now a reality, Broccoli told BuzzFeed that the project was intended to be a joke, as he couldn't imagine it would actually reach the $5,000 funding goal.

Kevin Broccoli

As an actor, he figured Pug-let would be a great way to get some publicity. However, he stressed that he was always serious about actually putting on the show should it somehow get the necessary funding.

Broccoli said he was inspired by the success of the potato salad Kickstarter. “I wondered if there was a theater equivalent to that,” he said. Pugs, he decided, were it.


Aside from a few, mostly unsuccessful attempts to reach out to celebrities on Twitter, Broccoli didn't promote Pug-let all that much.

If I tweet @BarackObama about #puglet, is that crossing a line?

Kevin Broccoli@Kevin0719

If I tweet @BarackObama about #puglet, is that crossing a line?

2:44 PM - 08 Jul 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

He still got some media attention. In an interview with Mashable last month, Broccoli joked that he wanted James Earl Jones to join the cast. The Mashable story was picked up by other outlets like Good Morning America, who took his jokes seriously.

abc / Via

"It became a lesson in media," Broccoli said, as he wasn't interviewed by anyone else after the Mashable story. "Apparently there are no more primary sources anymore."

Despite a long lull in donations and tongue-in-cheek-origins, Pug-let made it with just 15 or so minutes to spare.

p-d-s / Thinkstock

"I could’ve done the best production of Hamlet ever and it wouldn’t have gotten the attention this got," he said.

bernardbodo / Thinkstock

Broccoli plans to donate any profits to charity.

Pug-let will be staged next September and will be filmed for wider viewing.

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