The One Unexpected Thing You Probably Didn’t Know About Bald Eagles

Bald eagles should be seen, not heard.

1. Ah, the bald eagle. Majestic symbol of the United States of America. It’s the epitome of grace and power.

Jorge Villalba / thinkstock

2. And who can forget that iconic, awe-inspiring call they make, right?

Pat Gaines / Flickr: patgaines

3. Well, no.

4. Bald eagles actually have a pretty wimpy call. The sound we always hear in movies whenever a bald eagle takes flight is really a red-tailed hawk.

Jan Arendtsz / Flickr: janarendtsz

5. Listen.

6. Bald eagles, meanwhile, actually sound like this…

7. I’m so, so sorry, Mr. Eagle. You’re a fraud.

AlexanderCher / thinkstock

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