Here's Proof That "Tarzan" Is The Thirstiest Disney Movie Ever

    Jane and Tarzan can get it.

    Tarzan is an underrated Disney movie. It's got a nice story, the visuals are gorgeous, and the soundtrack is Phil Collins.

    It's also the thirstiest Disney movie ever made.

    You see, Jane Porter here is smart, adventurous, and outgoing. Unfortunately for her, she lives in Victorian-era England, which was really reserved and kinda repressed.

    Lucky for her, she's about to meet Tarzan. He's got a rockin' body and is completely untamed. Also, he's never seen a girl before.

    Tarzan saves Jane from rampaging baboons. Then, unaware of societal norms on account of having never seen a human woman before, Tarzan is immediately, inappropriately curious.

    He wants to "hear Jane's heartbeat." Right.

    But afterwards Jane kinda seems like she's into him. Look at how she swoons when she says the name of her rescuer.

    Then she gets really into drawing Tarzan's eyes... the point where her dad asks her this:

    Then when the start to teach Tarzan about modern civilization and culture, Jane gets ideas.

    Later, Jane can't help but bite her lip while drawing Tarzan's toned physique and deep eyes.

    But it's not just Jane. Tarzan can't sleep. He's thinkin' about stuff.

    This seems like a very intimate way to climb, especially since Tarzan's only wearing a loincloth.

    TBH, this whole scene is crazy hot.

    While Jane is learning how to climb vines, Tarzan is learning how to be a sexy-ass gentleman.

    After the big climax Jane is ready to go back home, where she'll have to wear gloves and guys generally don't look like Tarzan.

    After she decides to stay they have their first kiss.

    But then they decide that kiss was bush-league and they go in for a real kiss.

    This is the look two people give each other when they both know exactly what they're going to do next.

    And power to 'em! Tarzan and Jane are adorable.