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Here's Proof That "Tarzan" Is The Thirstiest Disney Movie Ever

Jane and Tarzan can get it.

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It's also the thirstiest Disney movie ever made.

You see, Jane Porter here is smart, adventurous, and outgoing. Unfortunately for her, she lives in Victorian-era England, which was really reserved and kinda repressed.

Lucky for her, she's about to meet Tarzan. He's got a rockin' body and is completely untamed. Also, he's never seen a girl before.

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Jane needed to let it go, Tarzan needed a little structure. Sparks fly when they have their meet-cute. Oh man do sparks fly.

Tarzan saves Jane from rampaging baboons. Then, unaware of societal norms on account of having never seen a human woman before, Tarzan is immediately, inappropriately curious.

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