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21 Signs You're A Beer Aficionado

"Snob" is such an ugly word.

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4. You don't get when otherwise fancy restaurants don't have a decent beer selection.

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"Thank you for joining us tonight. We have over one hundred wines for you to choose from."

"Do you have beer?"

"Uhh...we have one light beer."

8. Your relentless pursuit of premium beers means that sometimes you miss out on quantity.

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(But sometimes you envy people who are content with just picking up a case for the same price.)

14. On more than one occasion you've had to stop your philistine friends from grabbing rare and expensive beers from your fridge.

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You're saving those for a time that's not 2 a.m. on a Saturday.

16. You lose a little bit of faith in humanity when everyone in a bar is drinking a cheap plebeian beer.

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But you do feel a great sense of kinship when you spot somebody else with good taste.

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