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21 Signs You're A Beer Aficionado

"Snob" is such an ugly word.

1. You just don't get people who don't like beer.

2. You get upset whenever people talk about cheap, mass-produced beers like they're great.

3. You regularly get into arguments with wine snobs who think they have a monopoly on culture.

4. You don't get when otherwise fancy restaurants don't have a decent beer selection.

5. You have a very, very deeply held opinion about Belgian beers.

6. And pumpkin beers.

Pretty much every type of beer, tbh.

7. You try in vain to convince friends not to go to popular bars because the beer selection is rubbish.

8. Your relentless pursuit of premium beers means that sometimes you miss out on quantity.

9. Despite your good taste, you have to admit you have a soft spot for at least one cheap beer.

10. You've gotten drunk off of two beers — granted, two 10% ABV beers, but still.

11. You can taste distinct flavor profiles in your beer.

12. You've been paralyzed by indecision while trying to decide what beer to get.

13. You've gone out of your way to track down a hard-to-find beer that you keep hearing about.

14. On more than one occasion you've had to stop your philistine friends from grabbing rare and expensive beers from your fridge.

15. You would never consider drinking a stout from a pilsner glass. You're not an animal.

16. You lose a little bit of faith in humanity when everyone in a bar is drinking a cheap plebeian beer.

17. Your craft beer-filled bar tab is several times larger than your less-discerning friends' tabs.

18. And you always have to pay more when you split a check because you got ~fancy~ beers.

19. You've tried to brew your own beer — with mixed success.

20. You read beer magazines and blogs because this is Very Serious Business.

21. And, naturally, you're already thinking about what beer is going to pair best with dinner tonight.