17 Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Tall Person

    We. Don't. All. Play. Basketball.

    1. "How tall are you?"

    2. "Are you really that tall?"

    3. "How's the weather up there?"

    4. "Are your parents tall?"

    5. "Can you move to the back for this group picture?"

    6. "Can you wear heels?"

    7. "How tall is your girlfriend/boyfriend?"

    8. "Can you stand back-to-back?"

    9. "Stand up straight so I can see how tall you are."

    10. "Are you a model?"

    11. "Did you get taller?"

    12. "Do you have to duck?"

    13. "Can you move? I can't see."

    14. "Can you move your seat up a little more?"

    15. "Can you reach that for me?"

    16. "Where do you shop?"

    And the worst one of all...

    17. "Do you play basketball?"