21 Struggles You Face When You Share A Bathroom

Why are they taking an hour-long shower when you have to poo?

1. The morning race to be the first one to the bathroom.

Via gph.is

You gotta be #1 if you want time to take a #2.

2. Being forced to wait while they relax in the shower for a really, really long time.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna be late for work.

3. When their epic showers use up all the hot water, leaving you to freeze.

Disney / Via gph.is

4. The “who is going to buy the next roll of toilet paper?” standoff.

Produzioni Europee Associati / thinkstock / Via rob911.blogspot.com

5. When they buy 1-ply toilet paper.

gavran333 / thinkstock

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

6. Trying not to vom when confronted with mounds of hair in the sink.

Tamar Haspel / Via starvingofftheland.com

7. Being able to hear everything they do in the bathroom.

Motion Picture Corporation of America / Via reactiongifs.com

8. Or worrying about them hearing you.

Fox / Via giphy.com

It’s all about the stealth poo.

9. They’ll take their sweet-ass time when you desperately have to go.

Hasbro / Via scientopia.org

10. But you feel like you have to rush your business because they’re waiting impatiently.

Comedy Partners

Stop it! I can’t poo under pressure!

11. The assault on your senses when they don’t use Febreeze.

VH1 / Via giphy.com

12. When they totally ignore the fact that the bathroom is occupied and walk in on you.

Universal Pictures / Via mattsko.wordpress.com

13. Having to worry about your bathroom etiquette when their significant other sleeps over.

Vitalii Gubin / thinkstock

Just because they’ve seen each other naked doesn’t mean that you want to.

14. When they use up all of your shower supplies and think you won’t notice.

Via gph.is

15. Or worse, when they leave behind evidence.

Chuck McCarthy / Via chuckmccarthy.com

16. The constant fear that they might be using your toothbrush.

petrunjela / thinkstock

17. When you go in to use the bathroom after they shower and it’s all fogged up and…moist.


18. Not being able to find your stuff because the have so many gels and creams and soaps.

Good Hair Salon / Via goodhairsalon.com

How can you possibly need all these things?

19. When they leave the friggin’ toilet seat up.

20. Wondering if they pee in the shower.

Nickelodeon / Via michaelscarns.tumblr.com

(They do.)

And, the single worst thing that can possibly happen when you have to share a bathroom…

21. They forget to flush.

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