The Definitive Ranking Of Presidents Who Look Like Their Pets

Heel to the chief, amirite?

16. Millie and George H.W. Bush


Millie’s a fine lookin’ dog but the resemblance just isn’t really there.

15. Fala and Franklin Roosevelt

George Skadding / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

Again, Fala’s a very nice dog but they just don’t match all that much.

14. Checkers and Richard Nixon

AP Photo/ FILE

Checkers never lived in the White House, but he was Nixon’s most famous pet. They don’t really resemble each other much. Look at Checkers’ sad, knowing eyes — almost as if he sees what’s coming.

13. Barney and George W. Bush


Their eyes and eyebrows are kinda similar, but it’s not a great match.

12. Feller and Harry S. Truman

AP Photo/Bill Smith


Truman looks more like Feller than he probably would’ve cared to admit.

11. Rex and Ronald Reagan


Rex doesn’t look like a dog that Ronald Reagan the president would own, but he does look like a dog that Ronald Reagan the actor might, so it makes a little more sense.

10. Him and Lyndon Johnson

Do not hold dogs like this.

9. King Tut and Herbert Hoover

Library of Congress / Via

Here’s a good match. They’re both well-manicured and similarly shaped.

8. Tiger and Calvin Coolidge


Neither Tiger nor Silent Cal have anything to say to you.

7. Pushinka and John F. Kennedy


Confident, classy, and a little sleepy-looking.

6. Bo and Barack Obama


This pair also wins the award for most similar names.

5. Laddie Boy and Warren G. Harding


President Harding is a little more stern-looking, but you can see shades of Laddie Boy in Harding’s fabulous eyebrows.

4. Liberty and Gerald Ford

AP Photo

Aww look at them. Two happy faces who don’t know how they ended up in the White House.

3. Buddy and Bill Clinton


President Clinton looks nothing like Socks the cat, mainly because Socks always seemed really intense. Buddy and Clinton have the same relaxed vibe though.

2. Heidi and Dwight Eisenhower


Look at those stares. Piercing.

1. Pauline Wayne the cow and William Howard Taft


President Taft owned a cow because sometimes history is just magical.

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