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23 Experiences All Competitive Runners Understand

Gotta squeeze in some extra milage before this 5K.

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5. Spending a frightening amount of time waiting in line for the bathroom at races.


And you've seriously lowered your standards for what does or does not constitute as a "clean" porta potty.


9. Subjecting yourself to the hell that is an ice bath.

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It's terrible, but so is not being able to walk after a tough run, so it's worth it in the end. Just. Barely. Worth it.


16. Being a bit overzealous about your friends' casual races because you want them TO WIN!

And having them tell you to calm down.


18. Accumulating so many free T-shirts.

Or at least, "free with race admission."

19. Squeezing into running tights instead of running on a treadmill in the winter.

You'll wear them and you'll wear them proudly.


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