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44 Sexiest Male Gymnasts Of All Time

Gymnastics is one of the most popular sports in the Olympics for many reasons. However, with the amount of gorgeous and devilishly handsome guys that it has, it's no wonder the men's competition is a definite watch for girls (and guys) everywhere! In this BuzzFeed, we honor some of the sexiest male gymnasts; whether they made it to the Olympics or not. So, we congratulate them on being attractive basically. Most of these guys are American but there are some hotties from all over the world. Let's go! Update: After considerable debates and controversry, this list has been updated several times; the gymternet is so fussy! The most recent update was on August 25, 2015

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42. Alexander Naddour

This former Oklahoma Sooner, who hails from Arizona, definitely has a certain cuteness about him and he's not a bad gymnast too as a 2-time Worlds team. But sorry ladies, Alex got married to fellow OU gymnast and former elite, Hollie Vise, this year!

37. Yordan Aleksandrov

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One of a handful of younger guys in this list, 19-year old Yordan is a dual citizen of Bulgaria and the US. This photo doesn't really do him justice but damn, I love a younger dude!

28. Anton Golotsutskov


The only Russian on this list, Golotsutskov won two bronze medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics but he's a gold in my books. Retired now, he's living in Moscow with his wife.

22. Marty Strech

Strech is a Cali dude and is the youngest member of this list; at age 18. Woah, his blonde hair and blue eyes are angelic! He too is a Michigan Wolverines gymnast - I am booking my flight to Ann Arbor pronto

2. Sam Mikulak


Taking second is sex god Sam Mikulak. The 22-year old, who also competed for the University of Michigan, is one of America's best current gymnasts and is certainly one of the hottest. Woah!

So, who is your favorite? Tell us below x

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