This Is What Crazy Religious Nuts Looks Like Via Facbook

A new version of the popular ‘This is what crazy looks like via text’ simply replace the neurotic stalker with a clan of religious nuts, add in a good old helping of violent threats and you’ve got yourself a heart-warmingly aggressive yet nonetheless entertaining argument about religion posted on facebook. She’s a biggie, with over 200 comments of smelly-monkey insults, imaginary-friend accusations and over-all abuse on both sides, enjoy!

and so it begins….


you see Africa, you did this to yourself because you sinned. God still loves you though!!

getting deep here.

birds..half size wing…KFC..whats she actually getting at here.??

Would you hit a baby? You can tell her, obviously she won’t judge!

I sense a little hostility here..cmon guys lets just do that love peace harmony thing you guys are always shoving down my throat-Practice what you preach and all that right!

Dam this girl is goooood. Evoloutionists 1, Christians, 0.

How are all these monkeys escaping from the zoo?? And why are they calling you to inform you of these escapes?? Are they also smelly??


Hard on the monkeys jeez what’d they ever do?? Besides let you evolve from them and everything.. God makes all these bad things happen to see if you’d stick by his side?? Sounds like he’s just making you his bitch tbh..

Hahahaha the fact that gingers are relevant in this argument amazes me. They just can’t catch a break..

Fantastic use of quotes from The Hangover. Thumbs up

There USED to be koalas, humans and dragon flys? Where the fuck have they gone then??

Wait..its ended.?? Thank the Lord! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Metaphorically ofcorse…

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