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    9 James Grahams I Am Not

    I am constantly confused with a lot of other James Grahams, especially on twitter. For the record, I am not these people.

    James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose

    Wikipedia / Via

    Okay, so we share a birthday (25 October), but I would never have supported Charles I, who was a dick.

    James Graham, sexologist


    I did not pioneer sex therapy, have a magnetic bed, set up a Temple of Health or strip off all my clothes in the street to give to the poor.

    Sir James Graham, 2nd baronet


    I was not Sir Robert Peel's Home Secretary and Graham Land in Antarctica is not named after me.

    James Graham, Rugby Player


    I'm not a Rugby League player who was notoriously banned for biting someone's ear (although I was in the southern hemisphere at the time of the incident and did have fun trolling the outraged people who decided to make their disgust at my behaviour known to me on Twitter).

    James Graham, astrophysicist


    I'm not a specialist in infrared astronomy.

    James Graham Building, Leeds Metropolitan University


    Despite my brief time living in Leeds, the James Graham Building is not named after me.

    James Graham, 8th Duke of Montrose


    I'm not the current Duke of Montrose who, during the same sex marriage debate warned of the consequences if "lesbian gay and gender transmutant people" were given permission to marry.

    James Graham, playwright


    I'm definitely not the playwright behind This House and Dividing the Union. I get this one a lot.

    James Graham, X-Factor contestant

    ITV / Via

    UPDATE: and I'm certainly not James Graham, X-Factor contestant and member of Stereo Kicks.

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