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Tips To Reduce Food Waste Using Packaging

Food wastage is a worldwide problem and needs to be addressed by all the nations of the world. Proper actions taken on the government level, industrial level, and individual levels can help reduce the food wastage. This post covers the important role the custom packaging for small businesses can play an important role to reduce this problem world wide.

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How can we Reduce Food Waste through Improving Our Packaging?

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Fresh food wastage is leading to a lose-lose situation for the environment, families and for food retailers. There is no particular cure for food waste reduction. Due to this reason, we all should try to control the food waste problem in all fields of our food supply chain. Food waste range is very high in America and Europe. It is also a huge issue in developing countries like South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Different types of food packaging are needed to help in reducing food loss.

Total Value of Lost Food

According to the research, the total value of lost food is 4 billion dollars per year in India and 4.5 billion dollars in Africa. More than 55% of vegetables and fruits go to waste. In different developing regions like Vietnam and China, food is wasted because of mishandling. Vietnam and China do not have the capability to manage and store food. According to a research, it is noticed that 85% of rice in Vietnam and 55% of rice in China are unable to make it to the market due to poor handling.

Improve Packaging

One of the best methods to reduce food waste is to improve food packaging. Using custom made food boxes can also help in reduction of the food wastage. A new technology known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) can help in reducing food waste. It is a technology that substitutes environment inside a package with a mixture of protective gas. Gas mixture includes carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen. These gasses are very helpful to keep food fresh for a long time. It is a tested solution that asks for technology transmits instead of creation. This technology was proposed by Sustainable Product Innovation Project located in Vietnam. With the help of the project, MAP has been applied to more than 2000 small-scale farmers. It is assisting in a reduction in post-harvest food waste from 20-30% to 20-25%.

Simple Packaging Solution

There is another yet simple packaging solution that can be used to reduce food waste. In developing countries, Rice Research Institute Super Bag packaging solution is used. When these bags are sealed properly, then the bag cuts down the levels of oxygen from 20% to 4%. It is beneficial in reducing live insects to lower than one insect per KG of wheat without utilizing insecticides in just 10 days of sealing. It basically extends the germination life of seeds from 7-11 months. It is also used to control insect grain pests without using any type of chemicals.

Improved Storage and Transportation

Along with improved packaging, storage and transportation should also be improved to reduce food loss. It is a very advantageous way to reduce food waste. According to a research, making a sustainable cold chain in the developing countries approximates that 30-35% of food wastage could be reduced with weather friendly refrigeration.

Turn Waste into Energy

Lastly, when the food waste cannot be controlled then it can be used in a better way. The impacts of food wastage can be reduced or turn into advantages. For example, animal by-products from the slaughterhouses that are thrown away in lands on daily basis can be treated with the help of latest technology i.e. APRE process. It is an approach to treating 12 tons of dead animals each day. It can also be beneficial to produce 5000 meters cubed of biogas. It can also be used to make 46 tons of liquid fertilizer. The heat which is generated can be converted into electricity. This electricity can be utilized in the production or selling of the food packaging boxes.

Last Words

According to the above explanation, we can say that there are different technologies with the help of which, we can reduce food loss. Different countries food packaging suppliers have to put together their efforts in controlling and reducing food waste. There are unique technologies that exist to control agricultural food wastage. Nevertheless, technology is just a part of the solution; however, it is not a complete solution to the food wastage problem. Sustainability trend is all about changing views, actions, and behavior. Food containers and food packaging bags that can be made from sustainable materials can also help in protecting the food for a long time.

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