The 16 Most Annoying People On The London Underground

If commuting wasn’t bad enough, try taking the underground with these guys.

2. At least find something else to lean on…

Via http://@SleepyCommuters

3. 2. The Barefooter.

Really? If it wasn’t bad enough going foot commando, you are gonna put it up on the pole too?

Mike Ha / Via

4. 3. The Squeezer.

That one guy whose life is so incredibly important, waiting an extra 2 minutes is completely out of the question. He is getting on.

5. 4. The Intoxicated.

If you are travelling on the last train home, you are gonna have a bad time.

Alexander Luck / Via

6. Like this guy:

@Lady_Skivington / Via

7. 5. The Seat Hogger.

One for me, one for my coat.

8. 6. Oh, and the feet on seat guy too:

9. 7. The Selfish Leaner.

That’s okay, you just rest your cheeks on that pole why I struggle for balance over here.

MedEighty / Via Flickr: medeighty

10. 8. The Pole Climber.

Zoe Cormier / Via

11. 9. The Impatient Boarder.

You know that announcement ‘please let passengers off the train first’? Yeah, do that.

12. 10. The Fast Food Muncher.

I understand that people have got to eat, but does it really have to be a Kebab during rush hour?

13. 11. The Underdressed.

Dude, trousers!

14. 12. The Fancily Dressed.

15. 13. The Crazy.

dorli pereira dos santos Pereira / Via

16. 14. The One Blaring Music.

Oh, and don’t even think about playing something straight from your phone.

17. 15. The Carriage Busker.

18. Unless you are going to do this:

ButtonZoo / Via

19. 16. The Overly Affectionate Couple.

Let’s try and keep the PDA at home, OK?

krisbo_ / Via

20. But then again, you could always meet Mr. Right?

David Chant / Via

21. And remember, the Queen could always be on the next carriage:

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