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    12 Unexpectedly Bizarre Moments From British Court Cases

    @CourtNewsUK chronicles the often surreal goings on of the British judicial system. We decided to illustrate a few of the most memorable tweets.


    A Barnet FC steward told the court he was 'terrified' when he was beaten with an inflatable shark: 'It was only my second football game'

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    One of the women who fought over the llama keeper was the monkey expert. The other was the meerkat keeper.

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    In what must be a first, Woolwich Crown Court has just been shown a video during a terror trial of WWE legend Rick Flair shouting 'wooooo'

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    Witness asked to describe the sound of an explosion shouts 'bang' into the microphone


    When environmental health inspectors arrived they saw a cockroach running up the wall next to a food hygiene poster.


    Hatton Garden suspect Bill Lincoln says he was at Billingsgate fish market at the time of the burglary with his mate 'Jimmy two baths'

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    Judge C Kinch QC tells barristers at Woolwich: "It's very hot in here, if anyone wants to remove wigs I think we have reached that point."


    Judge questions the number of brackets in text exchanges ... Barrister now having to explain the concept of 'smilies'


    Wagwan is 'street for 'what is going on,'' barrister explains to judge,


    "It's increasingly popular for people with apparently quite a lot of time on their hands," a prosecutor says, explaining Twitter to a jury


    Defendant in murder case was so easily distracted he was given a big ball of Blu-tack to play with


    Someone's turned up to court in a giant, stained rabbit onesie... One way to get out of jury service I suppose

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