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    • jamesc78

      Na, this girl just didn’t text him back. He obviously was trying to get things to go forward and the girl wasn’t budging, it’s never nice when people don’t get back to you. When first meeting people you have to let them know that you’re not completely desperate. I think this guy’s just got so desperate he’s finally met someone he likes and is trying various tactics to get her to go on a date with him. Unfortunately the harder he tries the less she responds, the more crazy he gets and the more disinterested she becomes. He’s just too eager. You can tell 10th feb he’s just trying to be interesting, and he’s put himself out there, but then she stops texting back, the rest is him just having last ditch efforts to get her to respond, and he’s hurt obviously… he’s met a hot girl in a bar, managed to snag her number, she’s shown some interest, he’s asked her on a date, and she’s just stopped responding. Like if you made someone a present and they just ignored you. THE CURE: show a girl interest, but also seed it with some playful doubt… starts to make em curious about you.

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