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    • jamesc71

      Who is Michael Moore?Adocumentary film maker who has made some acclaimed documentaries. But what are the real RESULTS of his documentaries? Other than making people aware of his point of view-NOTHING. Nothing has changed for the better in this country because Michael Moore made films. Because Moore, like so many others-everybody, in fact-is good at pointing out what’s wrong with America, but fails when offering workable solutions to the problems of which his films shineaharsh light.Ifor one refuse to deify Michael Moore. So, Michael. SHUT UP and let the security people do their job. It should not be up to you or anybody to butt in while they are trying in good faith to keep the bad guys from entering the country. Now-use some of your money and influence to go help the homeless. DON’T makeamovie about helping the homeless. Go and HELP the homeless.

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