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Top Five Luxurious Hotels In War Zones

Would You Spend Your Holiday Or Honeymoon in one of these hotels ? (last two in this list are extraordinary)

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1. The Commodore (Beirut- Lebanon)

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There is no war in Beirut today but three decades ago there was an unmerciful civil one. I have stayed at the Commodore in 2016, besides the comfortable, affordable luxury stay, I have heard many war stories about the hotel during war times from the staff and other local pool visitors. While enjoying the Mediterranean sun and drinking the best Margarita in Beirut, an old elegant lady told me that because this hotel was owned by a smart Christian Palestinian family, it was the favourite safe spot for journalist, in west Beirut, during war, she also told me that the Commodore became famous for housing an African grey parrot regularly mimic the sound of incoming shells.

2. Royal Tulip Al Rasheed Hotel (Baghdad- Iraq)

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Although an Iraqi colleague have told me that the hotel facilities are not as high standard as it used to be and that they closed the bar recently, during our visit, we have had so much fun by the pool. Our daily lunch was in a buffet restaurant that offered a wide variety of almost everything. Al Rasheed hotel is the safest spot in the safest area (the green zone) in Baghdad, add to that, the most luxurious hotel in Iraq.

3. Rixos Al Nasr (Tripoli Libya)

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Superb is the word to use for this rich experience in Rixos in one of the most chaotic cities in the world. Stunning Luxury is every- where in the hotel’s decoration and rooms. The best food we have eaten in our entire visit to Libya. Although expensive and some staff needs further training, the Rixos Al Nasr is The Safe place to be in Tripoli, entering it will make you very happy.

4. Junada Hotel- Antaradus Resort (Tartous- Syria)

Junada Hotel / Via Facebook: junadahotel

When we arrived to the hotel in Tartous, we were shocked by the sudden shift of the scene, wonderful sea view with a lagoon beach and amazing green landscape, all rooms have Jacuzzi, the best amenities we have come across in the region. In the resort there are many options to eat, drink or have a shisha with a view, there is also a fascinating night lounge on the beach with a daily live music, and you can shop from brands like Polo and Cacharel. You will forget in which part of the World you are and you will be forced to relax and have fun. Junada Hotel is The Ultimate Place to be if you plan for a holiday on the Syrian Mediterranean Coast.

5. Serena Hotel (Kabul- Afghanistan)

Serena hotel / Via

Whenever there is a Serena hotel at your travel destination, stay in Serena. The ultimate safe spot and meeting point and eating point you could find in almost wherever Serena exists. Serena Kabul experience is best described by a guest who reviewed the hotel on Tripadvisor. “the security seems as strong as ever, guests are doubled-checked before entering the hotel each time they leave, the staff is as friendly and as gracious and as accommodating as always. The food is still good, the rooms still clean and well tended, the modern health club and pool still in fine shape, the coffee shop still one of if not the best public place to meet anyone for a meeting. The gardens are like of Babur's time, with a fountain, flowing water, flowers, a lawn and tall trees providing shade. It is still an oasis in the middle of a warzone and this guest will return soon.”

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