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How To Flirt With A Girl [For Men ONLY]

Tom Cruise was a master of flirting. He knew exactly what to say and how to look at a girl to make her feel seduced…. In this video, you're going to see how Tom Cruise flirts with women. I'm going to break his character down and show you what exactly women are attracted to, so that you can pick up his best qualities, flirting techniques and become as attractive as he is. You would think that his “flirting formula” was to make the girl laugh, yet most women are not attracted to him for his humor but for his CONFIDENCE. Today, we’re gonna look at what made him so attractive to women… how he managed to be so confident without coming off as arrogant… and how we can make the same impression on women like he did. Women are attracted to a flirtatious guy who doesn’t feel discomfort. They love the fact that their man can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and that’s why Charlie felt attracted to Maverick. Even though she was feeling uncomfortable herself with everyone singing to her, she felt attracted to Maverick just because he had zero shame. He didn’t feel uncomfortable making a fool out of himself, neither did he think about it for a second. That is the CORE of flirting: whenever you flirt, you must RADIATE confidence, because no matter what you say, it seems much more attractive to a girl if you say it with confidence. Now, the reason why Maverick is so confident around Charlie is because he is 100% sure that she is attracted to him. From the very beginning, he just assumes that she is attracted to him and he just plays along those lines. So, when she rejects him the first time, he doesn’t take it seriously. He only takes it as her flirting with him and playing hard to get, so he goes for it again. Flirting is not natural to most guys. Some guys try to make the girl laugh, some try to impress her, but when my clients ask me how to flirt with the women, I always tell them then they have to build up their confidence first. Flirting with women is about being confident. It is about the alpha male body language. Watch the video for more.

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How To Flirt

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