9 Wonder Woman Covers Featuring Penis-Shaped Objects

Wonder Woman and phallic symbols go together like peanut butter and jelly. Back in the day, while Superman battled Lex Luthor and Batman went toe to toe with The Joker, Wonder Woman faced the dreaded Phallic Symbol. You name it — bombs, rockets, skyscrapers, even sharks stood in for the male organ. Sometimes she rode them, sometimes she rubbed them and other times they attacked her. But every time they made for great comic book covers — as long as you enjoy viewing things shaped like male genitalia.


The most penis-looking rocket. Ever.


Forget that invisible plane — riding a rocket is so much more satisfying!


Oh, no! A crotch-seeking torpedo!


Gentle with the tip of that rocket, Wonder Woman. It’s liable to explode!


Wonder Woman didn’t realize it had a vibrate *and* destroy function!


That’s the last time Wonder Woman visits the Empire State Building when it’s drunk.


How else did you think skyscraper’s got so tall?


The good thing about having a shark for a lover is that they never stop moving.

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