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15 Songs That Will Definitely Be Played At The Family Cookout

Not because you necessarily want to hear them, but because you came to a black ass BBQ and you have no choice in the matter.

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1. Just in Case - Jaheim

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When you roll up at the cookout two hours late, or you know right on time, this is probably one of the first songs you'll here.

It's a standard really! Not a jam per se, but it will probably have somebody's auntie two steppin' on the patio. This is the prefect opportunity to fish through the cooler for a Heineken and grab a plate.

2. Too Close - Next

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"Too Close" is a must not just for cookouts, but for any black event. I've been hearing it for nearly a decade now and I try to imagine a time when this wasn't played at the function. Yes, it's uncomfortable to see your granny on the dance floor singing every word. That's when you get your cousins to join you in a chorus of "Why The Fuck You Lyin? '" just to change the mood.

3. Wifey - Next

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Well, what do ya know, Next is back on the list! I'm just going to come out and say it. This song is not good. It's actually quite bad. But like that annoying friend in high school who has still managed to remain in your crew, this song gets a pass and will be played at every family cookout until the end of time.

4. Juicy Fruit - Mtume

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There's this really cruel thing that DJ's like to do to me at parties where the beginning of Biggie's "One More Chance" plays, I get hype, and then I hear Ja Rule whisper

"Murder Inc." It's infuriating.

However, "Juicy Fruit" by Mtume has quite the opposite effect. I enjoy "Juicy Fruit" and "Juicy" by the Notorious B.I.G equally. At this point both are ubiquitous cookout classics.

5. Love Like This (Remix) - Fatman Scoop, Crooklyn Clan & Faith Evans

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When the cookout gets too family friendly, the best way to get everyone turnt is to play this song. But not the original! NEVER the original. If you don't hear Fatman Scoop screaming at you then delete it from the playlist. The best thing about this song is that it really is for everyone. Whether you got a $100 bill or a just mere $10. If you have hair on your head from your ear to your sleeve, even if you got a weave... this yo song!

5. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me) - Jay Z

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Another classic sing along tune that makes the playlist, Jay Z's "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me)" . All the grown folk at the cookout are lit at this point, and just want to hit that Pharell octave. Even the folks that don't know all the lyrics know what comes after "Its get's better ordered another round" " __ _______ __ __ _______!" ... Yeah, it is.

6. Before I Let Go - Frankie Beverly

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I remember going to a bar in college that was predominantly white.

"Don't Stop Believing" by Journey came on. The entire establishment not only knew the words, but they sang it with such drunk conviction that you would have thought they wrote it! I was clearly the only person there who had never even heard it before. I wondered to myself if there was a black equivalent. A song so unanimously popular among our culture that old people, millennials, even babies knew by heart.

"Before I let Go" by Frankie Beverly is that song. It's so cherished and present at black functions nationwide that nobody has to explain to us to do the 'Electric Slide' when it comes on. We just automatically know that's what we're supposed to do.

8. Mary Jane - Rick James

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This is the moment of the cookout where "Mary Jane" by Rick James comes on. Your older cousin spots you singing your heart out and makes some snarky comment ranging from "What you know about Mary Jane?" or " You singin' this like you smoke or something". This is basically their way of trying to get you to leave the cookout with them to go hot box their car. Take my advice, do it! It never fails to make the party a million times more fun.

9. Set It Off - Strafe

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You and your cousin come back to the cookout and you're both high AF. It's perfect timing because "Set It Off" by Strafe starts playing. For some reason when you're blazed at a family function, that's when all the elderly people want to occupy your space to ask you questions about your life. This song is the perfect excuse to hit the dance floor. It's so good that they'll completely understand.

10. Square Biz - Teena Marie

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"Rapper" Iggy Azalea once said that the reason that people hate her has nothing to do with the fact that she's a white musician doing black music, since many people seem to enjoy artists such as Eminem, Paul Wall and Elvis. Azalea claimed the real reason people don't accept her is because she's a white FEMALE doing traditionally black music. I guess no one told Iggy about our affinity for Amy Winehouse, Lisa Stansfield, and most notably Teena Marie. At any family function there's a high probability that Marie's 1981 hit "Square Biz " will be played regardless of locale. In fact, the bars Teena Marie spit on Square Biz are hotter than every song on The New Classic. Teena Marie's music is absolute proof that black people don't care about hip-hop or soul artists being white. We care about them being talented, authentic, and respectful of the culture.

11. I Want Her - Keith Sweat

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If you are a millennial at black family cookout you are allowed to turn up when "I Want Her" by Keith Sweat comes on, however just know this isn't your moment. This moment is dedicated to all the folks who were in their 20's and early 30's from 1987-1993. Peak New Jack Swing era. So step back and let your Aunt Pam do 'The Reebok' while she reminisces about a time before you was even thought of.

12. Follow Me - Aly Us

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We've reached the part of the cookout where your gay cousin, his "roomate", and your extended family who came all the way from Chicago start to show out. And rightfully so! "Follow Me" by Aly Us is a jam and a simple one at that. It's a song that you feel more than you hear. And it has a positive message of unity that every generation can appreciate. Why isn't this the National Anthem again?

13. Wobble - V.I.C.

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All line dances are unnecessary but if I had to pick one to take out back and shoot, it would be The "Wobble". It's boring choreography and it lasts far too long. If the Wobble were a vegetable it'd be collard greens. It has reached a point where it has transcended race and everyone is doing it. People are doing the Wobble at team retirement parties, bat mitzvahs, and Trump rallies. It's pretty much over but we won't let it die. So whether you like it or not, the Wobble will be played at the cookout. Probably twice.

14. Somebody Else's Guy - Jocelyn Brown

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AYEEEEEEE can't get off my high horse and I can't let you go.

You are the one who, you are the one who

makes me feel sooooooo realllllll, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, what I'm I supposed to do?

Ohhhhhh, what I'm I supposed to do baby

When I'm so hooked-up on youuuuu-ooh ooh? Then I realize, oh, I realize!

That you are somebody else's GÜYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

...Oh yeah!

15. Love On Top - Beyonce

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This song was tailor made for black family cookouts. It came out in 2011 but if feels like it's been around forever! Usually played at the end of the night when everyone is sufficiently partied out but has just enough energy to two-step to Bey, pack up a plate, and make the rounds to say goodbye.

What Songs Do You Think Were Left Off The Family Cookout Playlist?

List em' below!

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