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    People Are Sharing Their Sex Horror Stories And These Are WILD

    There's a lot of bodily fluids involved, and I am not here for it.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their most awkward sex stories. Here are some of the most wild responses:

    *Participants have chosen to remain anonymous.

    1. The period stain:

    2. The vomit:

    "I was seeing this guy that I met off of a dating site and I was really into him and thought he was VERY attractive. We were at his grandmother's house and making out until he stopped for a moment and turned his head to spit something out. We went back to kissing and that's when I realized he had spit vomit out! I could even smell and taste it."

    3. The farting episode:

    "I was laying on the bed and my boyfriend was hitting me from the back, doggy style. My legs are totally up in the air when I felt this sudden urge to fart. I thought it was going to be a silent non-smelly one, so I let go. It was the loudest fart I’ve ever done in my life. He started laughing and I began to cry." —anonymous

    4. The epic nosebleed:

    "It was the first time my friend-with-benefits and I were hooking up. He had been kissing my neck, chest, and stomach, and I noticed that he had continuously been sniffling but I didn’t think much about it. He sat up and said 'Aw shit.' He jumped up to cut on the lights, and it looked like I had been stabbed multiple times because of the amount of blood smudged around my neck trailing down to my bellybutton. Turns out he’s prone to nosebleeds." —anonymous

    5. The name game:

    6. The fiery vagina:

    "First time sleeping with my now ex-boyfriend, he used an icy hot condom without warning me. My insides went from freezing cold to burning hot and I had no idea why." —anonymous

    7. Eww, more blood:

    "My boyfriend and I had been going at it for at least 10 minutes when all of a sudden I feel something hot and wet drip onto my face. What I felt dripping was the blood streaming from his nose. He ran to the bathroom and I got up to look at myself in the mirror and saw that my face was covered in blood." —anonymous

    8. The baby monitor:

    "At the time, we were living with my in-laws and we all decided to use baby monitors so we could keep a check on the baby. The batteries died in the monitor that was being used in my baby daughter’s room, so we brought it into our room to switch the batteries. We went up to our room to have sex for the first time since our daughter was born. My husband and I are into dirty talk and loud sex and things started to get VERY noisy and exaggerated. A few minutes later, we were interrupted by my father-in-law’s confused voice through the baby monitor. We are sure he had heard us." —anonymous

    9. The self-conscious lover:

    10. The rip:

    "I kept telling him to go harder — he obliged and ripped his rhomboid muscle in his back and had to go to the ER." —anonymous

    11. The porn video:

    "In college, I was hooking up with a girl from one of my classes. I pushed her against my desk to help undress her and I noticed that my laptop was still open and a porn video was paused on the screen. Trying to be discreet, I continued kissing her and reached my hand over her shoulder in an attempt to close my laptop. She noticed, and turned around. She literally looked disgusted and went 'Ewww!' I don’t blame her, it was a weird video with a Taylor Swift deep fake that took place in a shopping mall. Don’t judge." —anonymous

    12. The knee hit:

    "My ex-husband and I were in the middle of sex and I wasn’t really enjoying it. He tried to switch positions without telling me and I accidentally kneed him in the groin. I didn’t mean to hurt him, but I was glad it was over!" —anonymous

    13. The wild ride:

    "The bed kept slamming into the wall and the dorm next door totally heard it. Every 10 seconds he’d slip out, and when we moved to the floor we had the same issue with the addition of rug burn. He picked me up and sat me on our sink, and in the process he hit my head on the mirror." —anonymous

    14. The potty mouth:

    15. The drop:

    "The first time my husband and I ever had sex, he tried to be real sexy and carry me to the bedroom. He got tangled in his pants and dropped me on the floor." —anonymous

    16. The porn scene:

    "This guy I matched with on Tinder revealed to me that he had a huge dick and did some porn. Less than a minute in, I looked back at him and he SPIT IN MY EYE. Before I even had a chance to react he noticed the condom broke and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he laid down and started talking about which watch he wanted to buy."

    17. The tear jerker:

    "One time while changing positions, I full-on popped him in the jaw with my knee. I 'hit' him so hard that it froze him for a second, completely stunned! Ouch."

    18. And lastly, the worm:

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    The submissions used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.