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    17 Wholesome Things I Read On Reddit Last Week That'll Brighten Your Day

    Sometimes you just want to smile.

    1. This Uber driver who proves that there are truly heroes on the road:

    My Uber driver was telling me "stop apply lipstick!" and "start lipstick, Miss!" because of holes in the road... not all heroes wear capes

    2. This restaurateur who reminds us of our humanity:

    3. This granny who wanted to match her chair's fly:

    4. This paw-sitively puuurrfect photo that warms your heart:

    5. This moment that reminds you that kids really have a heart of gold:

    So this week my 8 yr old brother kept asking for two of whatever we gave him for lunch for eg two sandwiches & what not. My mom didn’t think anything of it. So this afternoon a parent approached her and thanked her for sending lunch for her son while she was in the hospital 🥺

    6. This classic dad moment that's still super sweet:

    BTW it lasted less than 10 seconds and then she made me a bead bracelet that says “I love daddy”

    Twitter: @bwecht

    7. This dad who reminds us that kids deserve support, too:

    8. This teacher and cat that win the "cutest thing of the year" award:

    9. This freakin' cute alligator:

    10. This kickass mom:

    11. This sweet couple with the cutest names ever:

    12. This police officer who's a big kid at heart:

    13. This unconventional bedtime story that's just so, so sweet:

    A few weeks ago, I tried to literally bore my 3yo to sleep by telling him everything I knew about nuclear and particle physics. It's a fair bit, it was my speciality once. Every night since then, as he's falling asleep, his little voice pipes up: "tell me about atoms daddy."

    14. This pitch for a national holiday we should all get behind:

    15. This answer that should grant him the "perfect son of the year" award:

    16. This friendly gesture we naturally make:

    17. And lastly, this analysis of Garfield that'll soften your heart:

    Garfield is a cat and doesn't have a job. The only ostensible difference between Monday and any other day is that Jon suddenly isn't around after having been home all weekend. Garfield doesn't hate Mondays, he loves Jon and is too proud to say it.

    Twitter: @JamColley / Via Twitter: @JamColley