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We Want To Know What Beauty Opinions Of Yours Are Super Unpopular

I just need the spider lashes to calm down, that's it.

Beauty preferences are just like fingerprints: Everyone's got them, and they're unique! With that said, I'm sure we've all got some wildly unpopular opinions on beauty tips, routines, and trends.

So naturally, I want to hear all about your unpopular beauty opinions (you know, the kind of opinions that most people probably don't agree with but you shout it from the mountaintops).


Maybe you're super pro-cosmetic surgery and you've had a little work done yourself.

Perhaps you actually love the "Instagram brow" and personally think people should do it every day.

On the flip side, maybe you think cut creases are the most overrated thing to happen to the makeup industry.

Or that contouring has gone way too far and it's time for everyone to just stop.

Whatever your unpopular thoughts are, we want to know them all. Tell us in the drop box below your most ~unpopular~ beauty opinions! The only rule is that you have to tell us why you believe that.


The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!