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    These 23 Things Really Annoy Sephora Staff

    If you're doing any of this, STAWP.

    1. When you pick up every product in the checkout line.

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    2. When you decide not to buy half the products you picked up.


    3. When you get mad at the employee for how small the freebies are.

    4. When you get checked out and try to talk your way into a discount.


    5. When you ask why they don't carry the same items as Ulta or MAC.

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    6. When you leave your child unattended in the store.

    Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry / Via Facebook: extraordinarylifemua

    7. When you put things back anywhere except where you found them.

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    How did Bobbi Brown pencils end up by the Nars Sheer Glow?! Savages.

    8. When you hog all the testers for a foundation shade, knowing damn well you are not all of those skin tones.


    How are you ivory AND mahogany, boo? Explain.

    9. Or when you just stand in front of a brand's entire section, blocking anyone else from getting anything.


    10. When you're not watching where you're going because you're too busy taking selfies in the store.


    Get. Off. The. Phone.

    11. When you ask an employee a skincare question but then tell them the answer.

    12. When you try to get an additional discount on top of the 20% for the VIB sale.

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    13. When you directly use the tester product on your skin and then put it back on the display.


    14. When you send the staff on a two-hour goose chase to find your ~perfect~ red lip.

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    15. When you ask a staff member if they work there even though they have a name tag and the required work attire.


    16. When you take 10 million free samples and don't actually buy anything.

    17. When you ask an employee to check the back for a product that they've already said is out of stock...


    18. ...and then you get angry with an associate because the item actually is out of stock.


    19. When you ask a staff member to help you find foundation, but you can't answer any of their questions.

    The CW

    "Help me find foundation." "What's your skin type?" "How my skin is now? HELP ME."

    20. When you pretend like you're going to buy everything in your basket even though you know you don't have money.

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    21. When you try to return a product with no receipt.


    Not to mention half the product is gone.

    22. When you ask an employee if they have a garbage can behind the register for your cup.


    23. Finally, when you get the employee to do a full-face, glam beat on you with products you know you won't buy.


    We know what you're doing, boo.