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    People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Beauty Opinions And Whew, Child

    I had just mastered my Instagram brows, too.

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their unpopular beauty opinions. These were some of the most (un)popular responses:

    We want to note that these are just SOME people's unpopular opinions around beauty; however, do what makes YOU happy and what makes you feel beautiful.

    1. Matte liquid lipsticks:

    Jerry Kestel / Getty Images

    "In my opinion, ultra-drying matte liquid lipsticks just makes your lips look ugly and chapped."


    2. Yes, those big brows:

    3. Instagram makeup in general:

    4. Brightly-colored hair:

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    "Brightly-colored hair is amazing. But the SECOND your roots show or you leave the house with little preparation, you look like a rat that’s fallen in food coloring. If you’re going to do it, be the sort of person that takes care of your appearance."


    5. Lip fillers:

    6. Fake lashes:

    7. Highlighting certain places:

    8. Acrylic nails:

    Picture Alliance / dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

    "I love nails, but the super fake acrylic nails trend grosses me out."


    9. Caked-on makeup:

    Extreme-photographer / Getty Images

    "I don't know why beauty gurus bother putting on so much concealer and foundation when their skin is literally perfect. What is there to conceal? Not only are you wasting products that you don’t need but you’re going to make your skin worse by using that much."


    10. The Barbie doll trend:

    11. The Kardashian trend:

    12. Plastic surgery stigmas:

    Vincent Besnault / Getty Images

    "I think people need to stop being so pessimistic towards people who have plastic surgery and start looking at why they had it and trying to help them feel comfortable with themselves without having to change themselves. Everyone deserves to love themselves, preferably without cosmetic surgery, but if they want it it’s their choice, there is no need to be horrible about it."


    13. Nude makeup:

    14. Weird amounts of blush:

    Vasilina Popova / Getty Images

    "I hate it when people put blush on their nose or too close to the center of their face. I know the aim is to look 'sunkissed' or 'just got back from vacation' and 'vibrant' but it just looks stupid to me."


    15. Big winged eyeliner:

    16. Limited-edition beauty products:

    17. Neutral eyeshadow palettes:

    18. Contouring:

    19. And brow pomades: