People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Beauty Opinions And Whew, Child

    I had just mastered my Instagram brows, too.

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their unpopular beauty opinions. These were some of the most (un)popular responses:

    We want to note that these are just SOME people's unpopular opinions around beauty; however, do what makes YOU happy and what makes you feel beautiful.

    1. Matte liquid lipsticks:

    2. Yes, those big brows:

    3. Instagram makeup in general:

    4. Brightly-colored hair:

    5. Lip fillers:

    6. Fake lashes:

    7. Highlighting certain places:

    8. Acrylic nails:

    9. Caked-on makeup:

    10. The Barbie doll trend:

    11. The Kardashian trend:

    12. Plastic surgery stigmas:

    13. Nude makeup:

    14. Weird amounts of blush:

    15. Big winged eyeliner:

    16. Limited-edition beauty products:

    17. Neutral eyeshadow palettes:

    18. Contouring:

    19. And brow pomades: