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Twitter Shared The Weirdest Fashion And Beauty Trends Of 2018 And I Am Ready To Start Again

This list made me feel extremely aware of just how basic I really was this year.

1. Remember Moncler's high fashion outerwear that reminded @grahamfitz7 of an Ikea bedspread?

Mad how moncler can make this shit with a price tag of at least £500 when it makes you like an ikea bedspread

2. Garden brows had a moment and we'll never unsee them:

Looking for a fresh new look? Make Spring come early this year with #GardenEyebrows 🦋🌸 Yes or no?🤔

3. Or rainbow teeth, which I can totally pull off if I eat enough lollipops:

Rainbow teeth is 2018’s weirdest beauty trend https://t.co/eY3glBHg07

4. Brands like Target and Celine gave us plastic bags and called it fashion and we believed them:

5. Speaking of, there was a whole Ziploc but make it fashion thing happening:

this year im going for the ziploc aesthetic https://t.co/QgDwp73eqI

6. Fanny pack sandals emerged because we apparently need to store things at our feet:

"Fanny pack sandals" are a hybrid that really don't need to exist, but since they do, we still kind of want them https://t.co/iq6dL34LQC

7. Helmut Lang solved our shoulder sunburn problems with this strapless bra that u can also store snacks in:

It's hot and your shoulder bags are chafing your sunburn so feel free to invest in Helmut Lang bra bags. "Often strapped around the chest (like an actual bra), they came with zip-tops to make them resolutely practical – and the perfect conversation starter." #bangontrendwithgill

8. Balenciaga came through with their Double Shirt for the times we couldn't decide which top to wear:

When you can’t choose between two favorite shirts: Double Shirt. Ps: wtf??

9. Art imitates life so I guess that's what they were thinking with these fake news jeans:

Kids today! On sale at Topshop, via a friend who likes their jeans.

10. Art also imitates art so this ode to Bob Ross happened:

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” -Bob Ross

11. But remember when men wore prosthetic pregnant bellies down the runway becuuuuuuz ... we still don't know why?

This futuristic designer just sent men with fake pregnant bellies down the runway https://t.co/6ZoewYbQXk

12. And we def remember when Balenciaga's $8,000 coat reminded us of a particular T.V. episode:

Balenciaga’s inspiration for their new $8000 coat...

13. *sigh* Here's the halo eyebrow trend that's permanently stamped in our memory:

These heavenly "halo brows" are strangely beautiful https://t.co/VOwk9RbKw7

14. And the corkscrew nails we never got around to trying on an actual wine bottle:

Corkscrew nails... 😳😂 I’ve seen it all now!! 🙈💅🏻

15. Last but not least, the updo that showed us how to actually and quite literally wear florals:

Be truly ground breaking this fall.. wear florals 💐 #FlowerVaseHair

What was the weirdest fashion or beauty trend you saw this year? Let us know in the comments below!