This Twitter Thread About Girls Getting Their Nails Done Is The Realest, Funniest Thing You'll See Today

    If I'm about to spend my money getting these nails done, the world is going to see them.

    I don't know about Y'ALL, but when I get my nails done, the first thing I have to do is show them off. And if you didn't see them the first time, I'll make sure to get a photo.

    On Twitter, @Officialayekev posted a video called "When girls get they nails done," chronicling all the things we do right after we get our fresh set — and I am WEAK because #SOML:

    when girls get they nails done 💅🏽

    The struggle is real, like when you have to type with your fingers flat because you got your nails long AF:

    @rileyaharper @officialayekev @kayleighDav97 actual representation of ME😇

    Or when you have to press buttons like this:

    Whoever thought this ka button was a good idea coz you have to use the knees of your fingers😬😵 #Longnailproblems

    When picking up coins is an Olympic sport:

    And anything creamy being a recipe for disaster:

    But we didn't pay @Officialayekev any mind, and took pride in how we subtly show off our nails:

    Or not so subtle because WHO NEEDS TO BE HUMBLE WHEN YOUR NAILS ARE 🔥:

    When I get my nails done this is how I show it off :

    @Krnma__ told us if she's dropping money, she's being extra and I see no lie:

    if im paying $60+ for my nails imma be this extra idccc lmaoo

    This kween showed off her nails while she was here and I can't wait to see her at the Christmas holiday party:

    @officialayekev I feel attacked but while I’m here....

    Sis showed off the Christmas ornaments with her matching set and I LIVE for coordination:

    @officialayekev @BlackKash7 Leave me alone... LOL

    But ALWAYS remember that whether you wear yours short or long, have NO shame in your nail game boo:

    @gretch_147 @officialayekev @amyvoges There is no shame in the nail game girl remember that 💅

    If you want some bling inspo, check out As/Is Sr. Beauty Editor Essence getting her nails done by Cardi B's nail artist (and being extra!):

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