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People Have Strong Opinions About This 22-Year-Old Casually Making $25,000 A Month

She's 22 and earns between $300-$360,000 a year.

Refinery29's Money Diaries ropes us all in bc to keep it real, we want to see how people spend their money. The company's latest entry is causing a lot of buzz on Twitter.

They make about $300,000 a year and they live with two roomates. *We updated the headline and income information to more accurately reflect the OP's take-home pay.

The diary entry features a 22-year-old who lives in New York City and reportedly makes a monthly average of $25-30,000, an overall $300-360,000 salary for the year. *Let me sit down*


People, like @Bfishbfishon, had a lot to say or "scream" on Twitter. Honestly, SAME:

I just started screaming on the street

This twitter user actually brought up a good point and questioned how this person was saving "$20,000 a month and is still paying for Netflix in standard def":

I am in no position to judge other people’s financial decision but this woman saves $20,000 a month and is still paying for Netflix in standard def

Or this user who questioned how she makes "hundreds of thousands of dollars, and doesn't own a printer":

@Refinery29 Sooooo....ol girl runs a business, make hundreds of thousands of dollars---and doesn't own a printer?!?🤔🧐

@Fruitsuit wanted to know if they are actually 22..."in human years":

22???? In human years??

This twitter user let us know exactly how their (and my) money is set up:

@Refinery29 I’m in my thirties and still over here like

And some really looked to find something to relate to, like @TanaGaneva:

@bfishbfish lol same "I transfer money from my checking account to savings daily, so I never feel too flush and accidentally buy a Chanel bag."

Despite people's feelings about the money, @bfishbfish also pointed out how the diarist is "incredibly responsible":

@lemonsand Somehow I am MOST annoyed that she is incredibly responsible with this money because it makes me less able to hate her/reminds me that I need to stop buying jeans every time I get more than $400 for a story

@TheRideshareGuy ended it on a high note, saying that "the internet is amazing" and truly it is:

Very reasonable - the internet is amazing if you're a hustler and open to trying and learning new things. I know lots of people in similar ranges and you would never guess it.

Read the full Money Diaries entry here on Refinery29!

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