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These Twitter Reactions To Harry Styles Dressing Like A Muppet Character Will Make Your Day

Styles may have bedazzled suits, but Gonzo did it first.

Harry Styles is a fashion icon, but people on Twitter are saying Styles dresses like Gonzo from The Muppets, and now I can't unsee it.

Someone said Harry Styles dresses like this um

People even began sharing side-by-sides like this one, where Gonzo and Styles are both posted up on a wall and @foreignlads just knew:

In fact, they had more receipts:

@bedroomflicker here's another one 😂😂

This Twitter user said that Gucci, who Styles most recently shot for, had "some explaining to do" :

@bedroomflicker gucci got some explaining to do

@Getachillpill let Harry know that "we're [onto] his secret" :

@bedroomflicker Harry when he finds out we're on to his secret

And @ayexkarennn had no words, and honestly same:

Others, like @disneyjail took the time to note that Gonzo was the true trailblazer:

Gonzo walked so Jeff Goldblum and Harry Styles could run

And @agoghve claimed that Styles doesn't even have "half the sauce Gonzo does":

harry styles wishes he had half the sauce gonzo does

  1. Who is the true style icon?

    Who is the true style icon?

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