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    Twitter Is Remembering The Life And Impact Of Diahann Carroll Who Has Passed At 84 Years Old

    "If you're not invited to the party, throw your own."

    Diahann Carroll, first of all, is a legend. She starred in her own TV series, "Julia," and made history in 1962 as the first Black woman to win a Tony award for lead actress in a musical.

    She not only broke down barriers for African Americans in entertainment, but she also helped change the narrative of what type of roles Black women could play — she portrayed characters that were rich, intelligent, multidimensional, and not attached to classic stereotypes of Black people in cinema.

    On Twitter, people not only remember Diahann by her various characters, but also in the roles that she played in their lives:

    Her work was seen at a time when diversity on TV was scarce:

    And she helped make ways when there appeared to be none:

    She showed women that they could be single mothers and working women:

    "Julia" introduced a new depiction of African-American life in suburban America to the masses:

    Of course, devote fans remember this amazing scene:

    One of my favorite films of all time. Diahann Carroll is CLAUDINE. Rest in Peace and Power, Queen.

    And my favorite scene of all time:

    Rest in peace to the legend Diahann Carroll. There is no line more iconic than "Die! Just die!" in the most iconic TV episode about a wedding ever.

    She was, indeed, the Queen of Bourgeois Black girls:

    But she also was a hero to so many:

    @yashar She was the supermodel when we didn’t have supermodels. She made us all feel beautiful and glamorous.

    She set the standard. PERIOD:

    When I was a kid my mom would only let me play with Black Barbie dolls. When I was a teenager she told me she did this because as a child she only had one Black doll; Diahann Carroll’s Julia doll. Carroll was a legend. Rest In Peace Ms. Carroll 💜💜💜

    We'll miss you Queen, but your legacy lives on and on (and we can hear you saying, "And don't you forget it!")