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20 Tweets About Being A Tall Girl That'll Make Women Shake Their Heads And Say "Ugh, That's Me"

That awkward moment when your pants are not supposed to be that short...


I’m 5’11”. Tried on winter coats today. Sleeve length was like a dark comedy. Unless you don’t mind 3/4 sleeves in -30 degree weather. #tallgirlproblems


Girls be like...”if he ain’t at least 6ft tall I can’t talk to him!” my minimum height is pretty much 6’7 or else I’ll be taller than you in my heels 😬 #TallGirlProblems


Browsing frocks from a "tall" range online during my break. "Model: 5ft9" Give me strength. #tallgirlproblems


Public service announcement: Do NOT wear heels to a gala at a children’s museum!! The potties are VERY low. #tallgirlproblems


God, I hope the seat next to me is going to remain empty So that I can get some room to stretch my legs I swear that those planes don’t care about tall people #tallgirlproblems


how do I tell guys 5’11 and under I just .... can’t :/ #tallgirlproblems


I keep hitting my head on ceiling fan chains throughout my house. #tallgirlproblems


I feel your pain, sister. Hide and seek was hard for me too. #TallGirlProblems 🤣


Dear Shoe Designers of the World, Why does every pair of cute wedges need to be 78 inches tall? Can we compromise in the middle w/ a cute 2(ish) inch wedge? Love, Your Already Very Tall Friend Who Wants to Wear a Heel on Occasion Without Looking Ginormous #TallGirlProblems


A lady at Walmart just asked me to follow her around the store so I could get items off the top shelf for her🙃😂 #tallgirlproblems


Work uniforms came in ... told they run short, so I ordered a 38 inseam & they shipped me 28 inseam aka Capri pants 😣 #tallgirlproblems


I just remembered that in high school everyone would ask me where the flood is since my pants were too short and I never understood because I didn’t realize that that wasn’t how pants were supposed to fit. #tallgirlproblems


When he's cute but then you find out he's only 5'7". Now you gotta break the news that your 4 inches taller then him. #tallgirlproblems


Any other tall women out there holding out for the cropped trend to die? No more cropped tops, no more cropped pants. I look like a giant wearing shrunken children's clothes. #tallgirlproblems #fashion


Unable to cross your legs under most tables. #tallgirlproblems


When you sit on a bar stool and match your friends height standing.... 😂 #tallgirlproblems


I hate being tall because they don’t make shorts long enough to where I look decent and not some girl with her ass hanging out 😑😑😑 #tallgirlproblems


I just want a sweater dress that doesn’t look like a regular sweater when I put it on. Is that too much to ask? #tallgirlproblems


Tights labeled “one size fits all” are one of life’s great lies. Unless they’re only meant to go mid-thigh high. In which case I’m all set. #tallgirlproblems


Got a wrap dress where the waist hits me in this weird netherland, like three inches above my actual waist. I’m calling it a low Empire style. #TallGirlProblems

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