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    9 Beauty And Style Tips That'll Help You Have The Best Prom Ever

    Strut your stuff and werk those angles!

    With prom right around the corner, who else has butterflies in their stomach?! To make your night unforgettable (in a good way!), we've got a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to your style and beauty.

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    A fun-filled night with your best friends, fabulous clothes, and music all night long? Perfection.

    1. Pack items like blotting papers, lip gloss, bobby pins, and safety pins in a makeup bag in case of emergencies.

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    You'll want to carry along a few things to make sure you stay flawless the whole night. Here's our checklist to get you started:

    * Blotting papers to pat your face when you start to get oily.

    * Your lip gloss or lipstick to do touch-ups before any photo ops.

    * Bobby pins or hair ties in case that beautiful hairstyle falls down while you're out on the dance floor.

    * A mini deodorant stick to ensure that you're staying fresh all night long.

    * A few bandages incase your shoes try to stop you from dancing so hard!

    * A Tide to Go pen in case any spills occur.

    * A safety pin (if you're allowed) in case something rips or slips.

    And lastly, from personal experience, pack a tampon or a pad in there JUST in case. Mother Nature doesn't always play fair. :)

    2. Be sure to try everything on after it's been tailored to make sure there are no last-minute adjustments that need to be made.

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    Even if you send your dress to get it altered, try it on again a few days before prom to ensure that the fit is right. Tailors are wonderful, but you may notice something is still a little droopy or perhaps a bit too tight. Whatever it is, giving a final glance before prom will make sure you look like every bit of a star for the night!

    When it comes to shoes, try to break them in a week before prom, and wear them around the house so you can make sure that 1) you can walk in them, and 2) you'll know if you need to bring some blister cream or pre-placed bandages inside your shoes.

    If you hypothetically run into a snag, here are 18 ways to fix your last-minute prom emergencies.

    3. Prep with a good skin care routine the day before so that your makeup looks flawless.

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    Whether you're getting your makeup done by a professional or doing it yourself, there are a few things you can do the day before to really help. First, be sure to exfoliate. Yeah, that's face, neck, and even your lips. Removing that dead skin not only is great for healthy cell-regeneration, but it'll give your skin a smooth canvas to help the makeup stay in place. If you don't have the funds to buy an exfoliant, take a bit of olive oil and mix it with sugar. Viola!

    If you really want your skin to glow, try a face mask with some under-eye masks that'll give you super hydrated skin.

    Day of, use things like cold green tea bags or cold spoons over your eyes to decrease puffiness and redness. Instant life-saver!

    4. And when it comes to makeup, especially if you're doing it yourself, always do a selfie-test.

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    This isn't a prom hack, but a life hack for makeup: Once you've done my full face glam, stand in natural lighting and take selfies from all angles. The different angles in the lighting will show if you've missed a spot, if parts of your face are more bold than you were going for, and anything else you may have missed while in the mirror.

    5. Prime your face before applying foundation — primers help create a barrier between the product and your skin by giving the foundation something to stick to.

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    There are a ton of different primers you can use, based on your skin type. And while some primers can cost a lot of cheddar, there are more than enough drugstore primers that are affordable.

    If you have no idea where to start on looking for a primer, you can check out our list of primers that absolutely work.

    6. When you apply your foundation, start from the center of your face and work your way outwards.

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    Most often, we're looking for fuller coverage in the center of our face (where people are mostly looking), so start from there and work your way out. Oh, and don't forget your neck!

    Instead of using a ton of foundation, try incorporating a concealer to spot treat any blemishes, imperfections, and wherever you think may need a bit more coverage.

    7. Get your lipstick to last all-night long by swiping your lipstick, blotting off the excess with a tissue, and then applying a second layer.

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    Instead of putting multiple coats of lipstick on back to back, try blotting after the first application before applying a second layer. You'll notice your lipstick stays on sooo much longer once you remove any oils from the lipstick.

    And if you want an added touch, pair your lip with a nude or brown lipliner to give you a cool, ombré effect.

    8. When it comes to your hair, you can check out flash sale sites like Groupon to see if salons offer any specials or discounts for your big day.

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    Groupon offers coupons in a wide variety of categories, including hair, makeup, and skin care. You can go on and buy discounted services, which not only helps the business, but helps your wallet out, too.

    And if you're not for heading to the salon for prom, totally fine. Watch some of your favorite YouTube tutorials and recreate any prom looks that you see and love!

    9. Last, but certainly not least, just have fun!

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    You may get stuck in your head stressing about the tiny little details of your big night. But don't worry! Prom is a wonderful time and an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. So throw those shoes off, pull your hair down, and just go rock out in your bad-assery!