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    The Internet Is Thirsting Over Tom Hanks In This Photo And Honey, I'm Ready For My Blessing

    Time to hang up my jersey, call me Mrs. Creole cat daddy Hanks.

    Recently Tom Hanks joined Shia LaBeouf, Robert De Niro, Adam Driver, Jamie Foxx, and Adam Sandler for The Hollywood Reporter's annual Actor Roundtable.

    Miller Mobley

    Even though the group discussed topics that range from dark moments, trade secrets, and iconic roles throughout their career, the only thing I could think of is how Tom Hanks was looking GOODT, ya hear me.

    Miller Mobley

    Maybe I've just been crusty and minding my business, but when did Tom Hanks become Thomas Daddy Hanks III?!

    The CW

    People on Twitter agree that Tom has transcended levels. He is "D-A-D-D-Y daddy":

    Tom Hanks serving D-A-D-D-Y DADDY is the end of decade revolution I didn’t know I needed. 😳😋

    I guess we, collectively, as the Black community have made some trades to the team:

    We traded Ben Carson for Tom Hanks. No takebacks.

    It's DINNER TIME because zaddy is looking like a whole meal:

    Mr. Hanks stole ya girl, and I am sorry not sorry:

    Hope you found the Mr. Rogers movie satisfying and uplifting. Also, Tom Hanks stole your girl.

    I'm not even going to go there, but his facial region does look comfortable:

    That’s Tom Hanks?!?! Lookin a little Zaddy around the facial region.... 👀

    Tom has his greek letters now, catch him strolling on a campus near you:

    I love me some sweet potatoes:

    @rodimusprime David David Spice vs Sweet Pumpkins Potatoes

    Moving forward, this is Thomas Ladarius Hanks:

    We've cancelled Jeff, it's #NewBoo2020:

    Jeff Goldblum is canceled. Tom Hanks is your new older man crush

    We taking risks and checking them twice:

    The way I would risk it all for Tom Hanks

    He just looks like wealth:

    @rodimusprime strong “holding a glass of expensive red wine from his own personal vineyard” vibes

    And he looks like he smells like vanilla bean (which is humble wealth):

    @rodimusprime @TropicalDelite I bet he smells like vanilla beans and Hennessy

    Honey, them years on that island in Cast Away did something:

    @ReignOfApril Those years on that island did him welll

    A "creole cat daddy" took me OUT, ya hear me:

    Tom Hanks's transition into a creole cat daddy is unexpected but not unwelcome. I want him make me gumbo and turn my back into Gumby.

    Whew, don't mind me while I look to see if Thomas got a fine cousin. Bye!


    Also if you want to catch the Actors episode of the roundtable, it'll air on SundanceTV January 19, 2020, and the full will run on The Hollywood Reporter on the 20th!

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