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    This Humans Of New York Story Is So Wild, I Promise You'll Keep Coming Back For More Tea

    Tanqueray is a national treasure.

    In one of the newest installments of Humans of New York, a woman known as Tanqueray has taken the internet by storm.

    Tanqueray's snippet revolved around her fabulous life in New York back in the '70s, which was filled with anecdotes about strippers, drug dealers, porn stars, and more. Pretty much, sis was droppin' all the tea, and the entire world was holding onto every word.

    She told us about how fly her wardrobe would be because of her friend Paris, and she went into detail about wild nights that brought with them a lifetime of stories.

    In her second installment, she dished on her stripper days, including how much money she used to make, tricks she used to do, and all the mob details you would ever want to know. I just couldn't get enough.

    Honey, her story was so good, we even got a third installment. In the third post, she told a story about a president who used to book her best friend Vicki for sexy time. YES, A PRESIDENT.

    "Madame Blanche set my best friend Vicki up with the President every time he came to New York. And don’t you dare write his name cause I can’t afford the lawyers.” Read the whole story below:

    Half of us couldn't believe that the tea kept getting hotter, like, DAMN, Tanqueray:


    This person wants Tanqueray to have ALL the movies, and honestly, SAME:

    @wini_dee @humansofny I want as many movies about this woman as we have Spider-Man reboots:

    MANY of us want a book or movie on this "giving-no-f*cks woman." Universal Pictures, WYA:

    I am seriously infatuated by this @humansofny three-tweet thread about this fascinating giving-no-f*cks woman. I will read a book or watch a movie on her, someone get to it, stat!

    Tanqueray is the queen that keeps giving:

    Please tell me you are all following this on humansofny? They have discovered the fucking mother lode! This had better be a movie!

    And some of us had to address the fact that haters think it's photoshopped, but nah, boo, Tanqueray the real deal:

    I told my partner this last night. There are a lot of people who have RT’d this & commented elsewhere that Tanqueray is lying. Either you’ve never talked to the older women in your family OR think gay & drag lingo was created in the last decade or 2.

    Now for the real tea, we wanna know which president was cuffin' Vicki up:

    @msbond2u We're taking bets on what president! also a plot twist was thrown out that she meant a future past president cause we limited it to Kennedy through Ford/Carter!

    Tanqueray needs to teach a master class in the art of leaving no paper trail:

    best part about @humansofny Tanqueray #Tanqueray feature is there are no receipts. It was all underground hush hush when it happened, and you know what, I believe every word. 🤫 side note: i’m not the only one who can see that she’s @MichelleObama long lost grandmother, right?

    Honestly, Tanqueray, just teach us everything.

    @ltmfum @humansofny Honestly truly. I need coffee, I need life advice, I need MORE.

    Whew, chile — I need a Tanqueray book, movie, and meet-and-greet!