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People Are Sharing Things Happening At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Y'all are making TikToks on washing your hands and I...I'm so tired.

Many of us could only dream of the day we could work from home — that is, until we actually had to do it and for an undisclosed amount of time. So when I saw #Stayhomechallenge was trending on Twitter, I just KNEW I couldn't be the only bored person out there.

Here are some tweets that accurately sum up what prolonged home stay is doing to many of us:

1. First of all, same:

It’s so weird when you’re reading articles about staying at home and they mention that you should get some puzzles or card games or books to read, as if I didn’t have enough things to do in my apartment to stay indoors for the next 700 years

2. But also, why is everyone in such a rush:

Do regular ppl hate staying home or something? I’m seeing a lot of complaining and it’s blowing my mind that y’all be bored at the crip. You know you PAY to live there right? All your favorite things ain’t in there?? What is outside your walls that’s so damn important???

3. We're making new (imaginary) friends:

#stayhomechallenge Me speaking to my imaginary friends since I won’t be able to see my irl friends for awhile:

4. ...TikToks like THIS are being made, lol:

For all us inconsiderate young folk...since y’all asses don’t want to listen 😭 #stayhomechallenge #DontBeASpreader

5. Parents are trying to figure out this WFH thing:

😂😂 My day just got lightened up. #stayhomechallenge #COVID19SouthAfrica

6. Introverts are laughing at the rest of the world:

Introverts coming on twitter to see #stayhomechallenge trending

7. Self-isolation is causing us to do things we'd never do:

Day 1 of no school for kids. Got home and 16yo made 2 cakes “I was bored”. This is not a good start!! #stayhomechallenge

8. We're singing songs at the top of our lungs:

When u just get bored in quarantine #stayhomechallenge

9. We may or may not be seeing things:

I’ve self-quarantined for 3 hours and I swear to God I already saw these two when I looked down my hallway. This is not going to be ok. #QuarantineLife #stayhomechallenge #coronapocolypse #SocialDistancing

10. All the tweets start to sound like this:

does anyone want to stay home does anyone can you stay home will anyone stay home staying home anyone anyone up to staying home does anyone want home please can everyone stay home

11. The animals are winning:

she has no idea what news is, she's just happy i'm staying home all the time now

12. Seriously, animals are the only ones not bored:

[stuck at home] son: omg so bored daughter: omg so bored wife: omg so bored me: omg so bored dog: this is the greatest day of my life

13. We've learned home-cooked meals and less alcohol may actually be good for the body:

Weird perk, but I've lost about 15lbs since the beginning of 2020 -- 5lbs of that came from staying at home since the outbreak hit Turns out eating home-cooked food and not drinking is healthy for you

14. It has us ditching the club and going down memory lane:

Biiiitch, Miss Corona Virus has me bored boots back at home! Right now I'd be getting ready to go to the club to throw my head all the way back. Instead, I feel like I'm getting ready to go knit a sweater and listen to Granny's Greatest Gardening Hits!

15. On day 253 of self-isolation:

A #stayhomechallenge all by oneself might result in this...