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    19 Top Secret Money-Saving Tips Starbucks Employees Won't Tell You

    Some of these may not be new to you, but they're new to me!

    1. First of all, order up: If you're getting coffee, get a size up so you don't have to pour any out to make room for milk or cream.

    "Order a grande in a venti cup for regular coffee. That way youโ€™re not pouring out any in the trash."


    2. Stop paying for a new cup of coffee after you finish the first โ€” as long as you stay in store, you can get a refill for 50 cents!


    I'm sure you can find something to do with your time. Read a book, send a few texts, whatever.

    3. Instead of ordering an iced latte, get a triple espresso over ice in a venti cup. You can add milk on your own and you'll save $2.

    Starbucks, @aubernutter / Via

    4. Instead of ordering a chai latte, get a hot chai tea and ask them to add hot milk.


    Obviously it's not going to taste the exact same, but if you just want the chai taste and want to save a little bit of money, this works as an alternative. A chai latte will cost you easily over $4 while tea bags are less than $2.

    5. Save 10 cents each visit by bringing in a reusable plastic cup when ordering โ€” if you drink a cup of coffee a day, you'll save $36 a year.

    @chantallusklife / Via

    That may not sound like a lot of money to YOU, but if you're really strapped for money, every cent counts.

    6. For all the ~passionate~ pumpkin spice lovers, recreate the iced version by getting a triple shot over ice and then asking for a side of chai and a side of white chocolate mocha.

    7. Order a short cappuccino, which has the same amount of caffeine as a tall and is cheaper.


    I don't care if it's only 10 cents โ€” that dime matters!

    8. Sign up for Starbucks Rewards and pay with the app to receive free and discounted drinks and food.

    @yennphii / Via

    I know some people know about the app, but there are a lot of people who don't! You are leaving free money on the table, go get yo' blessing!

    9. That includes a free birthday drink, free in-store refills, exclusive membership perks, and the ability to order ahead.

    Atlantic Records

    10. Order an Americano instead of a coffee โ€” it's cheaper than a specialized drink, but has more caffeine than a regular coffee.

    11. Do not pay for water! The tap water in the store is filtered, and you can get a free cup of water if you ask the barista.

    @head_2_toe_body_waxing / Via

    12. Instead of ordering a dirty chai, get a latte with chai syrup instead โ€” it's basically the same thing without the cost of added espresso shots.

    13. If you and your friend both want hot tea, order a venti, which comes with two teabags, and ask for a separate cup of hot water.


    You both can take a tea bag which is more than enough.

    14. And when you order iced tea, ask for no added water โ€” the water dilutes the caffeine and you'll get more tea for your buck.

    15. Instead of ordering a pink purple drink and being upcharged for coconut milk, ask for a strawberry acai refresher with no water and ask for a side of coconut milk when you get your drink.

    @paulsfoodhaul / Via

    Alternatively, you can always get regular milk or whatever works for you!

    16. Instead of ordering a latte, get a misto red eye and add extra milk.

    Starbucks, @_my_little_tribe_ / Via

    A red eye is literally just drip coffee with a shot of espresso, so you wouldn't pay the same amount as you would for a specialty drink. If you need two shots, order a black eye. For three shots, a green eye.

    17. When ordering iced drinks, ask for no ice โ€” you'll get more beverage and it'll still be cold.


    18. Instead of getting a caramel macchiato, opt for an iced coffee with caramel drizzle (and maybe some pumps of caramel). It'll save you at least $2 since it's not a specialty drink.

    19. Lastly, check places like Groupon, where you can occasionally get $10 Starbucks gift cards for only $5.

    @trademysbcard / Via

    We all love Starbucks, but a dollar saved is a dollar earned.


    Any other money-saving Starbucks tips we missed? Let us know in the comments!