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Calling Everyone Size 14 And Up, Tell Us Where You Shop

My thick thighs save lives and look good in clothes, too.

The fashion industry has made some progress, but shopping as a plus-size person can still be challenging, and adding work attire into the mix takes things to a whole other level of frustration!

But some people are natural-born style icons, and they know all the great places to shop and how to put a 'fit together for any occasion—like this casual look perfect for a chill but still ~profesh~ office!

Are you one of those icons and is there a work outfit that makes you feel like you can take on the world whenever you wear it? Exhibit A, Precious Lee looking fly AF in this pink Versace number:

Maybe you have a rolodex of brands you know you can depend on for workwear that really fits your body.

We want to share your best office style pics and the brands you love to shop with our readers!

Show off those angles! Upload a picture of you in your favorite work 'fits via the DropBox below and write a line or two about the brands you absolutely love for your body. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post for As/Is!