Literally Just 22 Problems All Short Girls Go Through

    "Can you reach that for me?"

    1. People ALWAYS point out the obvious about your height.

    Person: wow you're so short! me: wOW yOuRe So sHoRt

    2. You make everything a foot stool.

    true life: i'm too short to reach my cabinets in my kitchen and have to climb onto the counter to reach anything above the first shelf

    3. Even daily tasks are part of the #shortgirlstruggle.

    #ShortGirlProblems when you have to stand on a step stool to get the laundry out of the washing machine bc flat-footed or even tippy-toed you still can’t reach the clean clothes in the bottom.

    4. The most you'll see at a concert is the back of someone else's head.

    5. Everything requires tailoring.

    6. You become an arm rest for EVA-REE-BODY.

    7. You love the tall samaritans in your life who make grocery shopping a bit easier.

    Special shout out to the very kind tall guy at the grocery store who saw me struggling to reach the manicotti shells... you saved dinner. #shortgirlproblems

    8. You've come to realize there's an entire world above you that you may never see.

    #shortgirlproblems 😂 Aqui nos EUA, os padrões de medida são diferentes. Para falar da sua altura, você usaria pés e polegadas (feet ‘ and inches “) ao invés de metros e cm. Um pé (1’ = one ft) é o equivalente a 0,30m. 5’1” = 1,54m

    9. You might lose sight of your shopping buddy over all those clothing racks:

    I hate shopping with kennedy because when I get lost I can never find her because I can’t see her over the clothing racks. 😑

    10. The reality of someone taller stepping into your photo and ruining your shot is too real.

    Short girl problems... a photo ruined by someone else taking a photo in front of you. #NKOTBCruiseX #shortgirlproblems @joeymcintyre @NKOTB

    11. Having tall friends can be both the best and worst of times.

    12. And this is how every group selfie comes out:

    13. You know how the clothes look on the model isn't going to be how they look on you.

    @boohooUSA - can’t wait for my floor length maxi dress to arrive 🤣 #shortgirlproblems

    14. Every year, without fail, you go to the swimming pool with your friends and look like this:

    15. You get multiple uses out of your handbag — like using it as a footrest.

    When your feet don't touch the floor in the cinema so you have to use your bag as a footrest #shortgirlproblems

    16. You have a skewed concept of sizing because you're short.

    It probably bodes well for my bro-in-law that my sister has zero ability to judge size. 😂😂😂 #SisterConvos #PeopleOfWalMart #GrammyWasTeenyTiny #Elvish #SisterFromAnotherMister #ShortGirlProblems

    17. Massage chairs are just too darn tall for you.

    #shortgirlproblems no 732: when you go to the nail salon and the massage chairs start kneading your head #notrelaxing #help #shortgirlprobz

    18. You know sometimes it's just easier to get a little boost.

    I will always be here for you.

    19. People crack jokes on you at any opportunity.

    20. Nobody takes you seriously when you're angry.

    how i feel when I'm angry vs how everyone else sees me

    21. You know that you can not be the bigger person and you're honestly okay with that.

    22. But at the end of the day, you don't even care because you like who you are.