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Literally Just 34 Awkward Stories That Have Happened To People During Sex

I words.

Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their most awkward sex stories. Here are some of the most bone-chilling responses:

*Participants have chosen to remain anonymous.

1. The foot play gone wrong:

"My high school girlfriend asked me to come over while her parents were out for the day. After sex, I was rubbing my foot on her leg, and so she asked that I use my foot on her and in her next time. Fast forward several days later, I got a frantic call that I’d given her an STI with inflammation, red bumps, and itching. She sent me a picture and it dawned on me that I had transmitted athlete’s foot." —anonymous

2. The gag reflex:

"I was going down on my boyfriend and he unexpectedly shoved it a little too far back in my mouth. He hit my gag reflex and I threw up all over his penis and his stomach." —anonymous

3. The bursted ear drum:

"I met a bouncer at a club and we went back to his place. I told him I liked it rough, and he hit me across the head and burst my ear drum. I still have damage in my ear a year later." —anonymous

4. The stuck dildo:

"I shoved my dick into her vagina and it hit a dildo that had been stuck for a week. She screamed in pain and we had to go to the hospital. We didn’t meet up after that." —anonymous

5. The butt suck:

"My boyfriend and I were extra adventurous and using my little vibrator, which he then moved to my butt. It was exciting until my butt sucked up the vibrator and it completely disappeared. For someone who has never had butt action, I had to have my boyfriend completely shove his hand up my butt to retrieve it." —anonymous

6. The bloody surprise:

"My friend had a party and a guy I had checked out was there, so we started talking and decided to have sex. The only private place we found was my friend's sauna. When he stuck it in, I felt like something was wrong. I started to feel down my vagina and when I looked at my hand it was covered in blood. We kept going because it didn’t hurt at all and the sex was good. We turned on the lights in the sauna and it was covered in blood. I haven’t told my friend those stains were my vagina blood." —anonymous

7. The virgin:

"I met this guy and we decided to get it on. Turned out he was a virgin and thought my thigh crease was my vagina." —anonymous

8. The sweat pool:

"I had sex with a guy who gave me a completely new outlook on the term 'hot and heavy.' He was a very sweaty guy, and at some point, he was on top of me and some of his sweat fell straight into my mouth. After that, he left and I was cleaning my bedding and realized his sweat drenched my sheets. Not a little bit, but you could wring them out." —anonymous

9. The sharp shooter:

"My first time giving head, his cum shot right out my nose." —anonymous

10. The runny mess:

"The guy I was having sex with got a raging case of diarrhea during foreplay. The smell was so bad I threw up on his bed. I didn't try to have sex again for five years!" —anonymous

11. The one with an asthma attack:

"So I had just started sleeping with my now husband back when we were 18. He was hitting it from the back and I had an asthma attack. Full body just dropped to the bed like a limp noodle." —anonymous

12. The ripped piercing:

"My now husband and I were having sex for the first time. He was super excited because he'd just gotten a piercing down there. About 15 minutes into our first time having sex, we noticed there was blood, EVERYWHERE. His piercing had come off, was inside of me, and he had to fish it out." —anonymous

13. The overwhelming stomach virus:

"When we were dating, my boyfriend was hinting at wanting a blow job. I was just getting over a wicked stomach virus, but I thought I could manage through it . I was probably 10 seconds in, and this overwhelming urge to vomit hit me. I tried to get up, but it came out before I could get off his dick. He just stared in horror as I heaved." —anonymous

14. The surprised guest:

"When I was 19 and still living at home, my mom’s roommate walked in my room to give me the phone and startled my boyfriend. I was on top and I flew backwards, whacked my head on my headboard, and was knocked unconscious." —anonymous

15. The nose bleed:

"I was giving him head and things got a bit rough. He throat fucked me so hard I got a nose bleed." —anonymous

16. The kitty surprise:

"I invited my boyfriend over, and everything seemed to be going great. Then my three-month-old kitten thought it was a great idea to play with his balls. I should mention he’s not declawed." —anonymous

17. The high-fiver:

"When she got off, she said she didn't know what to do and asked if I wanted a high five." —anonymous

18. The swallower:

"I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to sex, so when I first started talking to my current boyfriend, I hadn't given many blowjobs. One night we came home from Taco Tuesday filled with margaritas and tacos. I started giving him head and I ended up deep throating a little more than I was used to and threw up in my mouth while his dick was still in it. I tried to swallow it back as much as I could." —anonymous

19. The hot fingers:

"As my boyfriend started fingering me, I felt a painful sensation like my vagina was on fire. I remembered he doused his popcorn in hot sauce and didn't wash his hands after. I ran to the bathroom in horror, rousing myself with water and silently crying." —anonymous

20. The stuck condom:

"The condom slid off his penis and got stuck deep inside my vagina. I was about to go to the emergency room until I fished it out with my finger." —anonymous

21. The case of the sexy fireman:

"Went out one night with my friend, and came back to her house with a gorgeous fireman. I was sleeping in the spare room with two single beds put together. Midway through sex, he thrusts too hard and the beds separate, causing me to fall on the floor. My friend storms in to see what happened to see me on the floor and a naked fireman standing beside me in absolute shock." —anonymous

22. The pulled butt muscle:

"My boyfriend, who I am still with, and I were going at it in the bedroom one day.

We decided to try a new position for us: doggy style. After we finished, my boyfriend was moving when he suddenly froze and groaned in pain. He immediately rolled over onto his side and grasped his left butt cheek tightly. Alarmed, I started asking what was wrong and he cried out, 'My butt, I pulled a butt muscle. I pulled a butt muscle in my butt.'" —anonymous

23. The sex show:

"One night, I was having a booty-call hook up with my ex at a hotel, and the TV was on a news channel that was doing a report on STDs. We were getting hot and heavy to the constant refrain of 'syphilis is on the rise...' when finally, I turned the TV off. Neither of us realized that the blinds had been open and that everyone who walked by our ground-floor room had gotten a free show." —anonymous

24. The butt plug:

"The first time I agreed to try anal, my partner said he wanted me to use a plug to get used to having something in there. We started making out and he told me to turn over so he could pull out the plug. There was a moment of silence, then, 'I think it went all the way in.' Thankfully his roommate is an ER nurse." —anonymous

25. The name mix up:

"In college I began dating one of my friends. One night, three weeks into dating, we were having sex in his dorm room doggy style. I’m not even sure why, but I started to get sleepy. In my half-asleep state, still fully going at it, I moaned the name of my long term ex-boyfriend, Michael. The new boyfriend was named Lawrence. He immediately stopped and said 'What? What did you say?' I panicked and tried to cover it up by saying, “My-ankle, my-ankle is just bruised and you kind of hit it”. He didn’t say anything." —anonymous

26. The poop situation:

"My husband was doing me from behind and we took a video and used flash. I wanted to see the video, and it turns out I had a little piece of poop I missed by my butthole. He didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to embarrass me, but he had seen it the whole time." —anonymous

27. The cool grandmother:

"I was dating this 21-year-old who still lived at home with his mother, stepfather, and grandmother. They had gone out to the bowling alley. His grandmother walked in on us, in the middle of sex, and asked us if we wanted pizza for dinner." —anonymous

28. The biter:

"I bit his private area by accident and it bled and got in my mouth. Then I vomited all over his penis and lower body, and the rest of the night was spent at the emergency room." —anonymous

29. The jalapeños chopper:

"I was making out out with this handsome British man after a potluck. He had brought guacamole. Things got more heated when his hands started heading south. My nether region started feeling warm and then started burning like crazy. Turns out he had not washed his hands after chopping the jalapeños for the guacamole." —anonymous

30. The Super Smash Bros. :

"When I was going down on this guy he tapped my head. I looked up and he asked if I would mind if he played a video game. I laughed because I thought he was joking. He put his pants back on and then played a round of Super Smash Bros. while I watched him and questioned all my life choices while naked." —anonymous

31. The painful fall:

"While changing positions, I fell off the bed onto a heating register." —anonymous

32. The cat walker:

"The bedroom door was open and he was hitting it from behind when I felt something heavy on me. It was his cat walking on my back while we were actively going at it." —anonymous

33. The butt rip:

"We attempted anal and my butthole ripped. I went to the ER with my BFF and my mom. When the doctor came in, she said it looked like something big either went in or came out, to which my BFF died laughing." —anonymous

34. And finally, the one who wanted more:

"During our first time, my boyfriend walked away half way through sex because 'he wanted to leave me wanting more.' Biggest turn off ever." —anonymous

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The submissions used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.