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    29 Sephora Memes That'll Have Every Beauty Lover ROFL

    Can Sephora syndrome be a thing?

    1. When you get super carried away:

    2. When you realize how freakin' tiny the samples are:

    3. When you tell your significant other you'll only be in the store for five minutes:

    4. When employees underestimate just how much you truly know about makeup:

    5. When you have a different idea of ~the happiest place on earth~:

    6. When you make promises you know good and well you can't keep:

    7. When going on a Sephora shopping spree truly becomes your kink:

    8. When you're addicted to free samples:

    9. When your boo knows the only thing you want is an entire Sephora store to yourself:

    10. When you realize that the only thing better than love is new makeup:

    11. When your Sephora products are actually your children:

    12. When the joy of buying new makeup just barely surpasses the regret of spending so much money:

    13. When you realize that everything EXCEPT Sephora products are replaceable:

    14. When you're broke and desperate for a discount:

    15. When Sephora product reviews bring you just as much joy as the product:

    16. When you're already broke but you decide to be broke with new makeup:

    17. When you rationalize spending money because a sale means you're saving money:

    18. When bae steps away and you spot a pretty new lipstick you've never seen before:

    19. When you're broke on payday but at least your makeup looks good:

    20. When bae should already know the answer to this question:

    21. When you get to the cashier and realize you're buying more than you bargained for:

    22. When you really want that beautiful foundation but really don't want to pay for it:

    23. When you have to swatch every color in the palette by any means necessary:

    24. When you realize that makeup is your one true love:

    25. When anyone looking for you knows where to find you:

    26. When the true Wonders of the World lie in pigmented eyeshadows:

    27. When you get the one new Sephora employee who struggles with shade matching:

    28. When you've spent so much money at Sephora that you've earned the right to call others "peasants":

    29. And finally, when THIS happens: