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    New Yorkers Are The Most Annoying People On Earth And Here's Why

    Is there ever JUST SILENCE?!

    1. New Yorkers are so rude — nobody gives a crap about anyone else but themselves.

    Man just dropped wallet and cash in street in nyc. Bus driver honked. I picked it all up. Someone else flagged down the guy. #nicenewyork

    @therealmbeller / Via Twitter: @therealmbeller

    2. And the people here are always angry about something.

    3. They're way too busy to take care of themselves.

    4. And nobody appreciates nature because they're always on their phones.

    5. Everyone who lives in NYC just wants to be rich and famous…

    6. ...or perform on Broadway.

    7. Nobody gives back to the community or cares about the less fortunate.

    8. And New Yorkers are all so narcissistic, finding true love is damn near impossible.

    9. New Yorkers are all just hippies, Wall Street executives, and trust-fund babies. That's it.

    10. New Yorkers are so dry and have absolutely no sense of humor.

    We needed to bring this hilarious sign stationed outside of a New York City Italian bistro to your attention.

    @cookingchannel / Via Twitter: @CookingChannel

    11. New Yorkers are selfish and disconnected from the real world.

    12. They complain about the shitty weather all-year round.

    13. Yet they brag about their city as if it's so great.

    14. New Yorkers never take time to enjoy their surroundings because they're always on to the next thing.

    15. Especially for Thanksgiving. New Yorkers just push past you and don't even take a second to be grateful.

    16. They don't even support their own sports teams.

    17. And they take no pride in where they're from.

    Ugh, New Yorkers are the absolute freakin' worst. I'm over it.


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