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12 Prom Makeup Looks Even A Beginner Could Tackle

Let your face glam shine on for prom.

Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event with your friends, so of course you want the perfect makeup look! Whether you're a beginner or a full-on prom hack expert, here are a few ~lewks~ you can recreate on any budget:

1. You can go for an arched brow with a golden cut-crease and wispy lashes for a classy look.

@makeupbyshaala / Via Instagram: @makeupbyshaala

Experiment with colors and tones for your eyes. If you have warmer tones, explore in the realm of golds, coppers, browns, and other vibrant shades. If you have cooler undertones, you can go for shades like this, but you should also explore silvers, blues, and other tones that will accent your skin tone.

2. Or a natural beat with a highlight glow and some nude, glossy lips.

@paintedbelladonna / Via Instagram: @paintedbelladonna

For this look, less was definitely more! If you're going to be dancing and sweating the whole night, don't forget to set your face with a setting powder to ensure you look ah-mazing all night long.

3. This beauty gave us a full pout with some defined brows and full lashes.

@makeupbyshaala / Via Instagram: @makeupbyshaala

The pout is real! Play up various parts of your face to find exactly the type of look you're going for, but remember that makeup is all about what you want.

4. And if you want to slay in color, why not rock a cobalt blue with glitter?

@paintedbelladonna / Via Instagram: @paintedbelladonna

Experiment with color for prom! Step out in your favorite tone and see just how much you can slay while doing it (hint: The answer is a TON.)

5. You can cover up hyper pigmentation and acne marks with a good primer and concealer — then you can give your canvas a beautiful cranberry smokey eye like this beauty did.

@tellolemus / Via Instagram: @tellolemus

The key for your prom makeup will be to ensure you are using ingredients that won't further irritate your skin. Go for skin care products that are hypoallergenic (heck, sometimes I use baby shampoo to wash!) so that your skin doesn't flare up when it's time to apply your foundation.

6. If the "less is more" approach works for you, go in with a matte concealer and lightly carve out your brows.

@makeupbyhiildaa / Via Instagram: @makeupbyhiildaa

If you feel like you'll have too much foundation on, break it up! You can mix a dab of your favorite foundation with your favorite moisturize to create your own BB cream. Pat it into the skin with a beauty blender and build up coverage where you think you'll need it.

7. And sometimes, it's all about smoothing out your canvas, then playing up the eyes with some signature shades and finishing it off with a glossy lip.

@pouletiscrae / Via

Did you know you can use a red color corrector to brighten up dark marks? Take a bit and work it around places you may have a bit of discoloration before going in with your foundation. Not only will it smooth your face out, but it'll also help to avoid the shadow cast that can come with foundations that oxidize.

8. Bronzed skin is always a great option — if you're down, give your skin a sunkissed-finish with a gold palette and finish it with long lashes.

@paintedbelladonna / Via Instagram: @paintedbelladonna

Seriously, it's all about the glow nowadays. Highlight, highlight, highlight. Oh, did I mention highlight?!

9. A timeless look is a smokey eye paired with a red lip. If you've got those two, you've already tackled the beauty recipe for success!

@paintedbelladonna / Via Instagram: @paintedbelladonna

When it comes to red lipstick, I recommend also using a red lip liner either before or after you apply your lipstick. That'll prevent any bleeding, which is what happens when your lipstick feathers and transfers to the area around your lips (aka you might look like you ate a cherry popsicle.)

10. And if you're more into deep berry tones and want your lips to be the focal point, go for a vampy lip shade paired with an equally dark eye.

@paintedbelladonna / Via Instagram: @paintedbelladonna

Who says that dark lips are only for the fall? Strut your stuff in a deep, sultry vamp lip, and either go super neutral with the eyes or play it up with double action!

11. Give your skin a bit of glow with a hydrating foundation and just a touch of color. That inner corner rose gold highlight? Yes.

@beachbridalbeauty / Via

Give your skin a clear and clean canvas by first priming before you go in with foundation. For a spring-inspired vibe, try a pale pink lip with a sweeping of the same shade for blush.

12. And lastly, if you're in the midst of a breakout, use a bit of aloe vera gel to soothe the skin before putting on makeup. Be sure to use gentle ingredients, but you can definitely do a full brow and a red lip combo!

@looksbysouihi / Via Instagram: @looksbysouihi

To keep your concealer in place all night long, do a bit of baking under the eyes with your concealer and setting powder of choice!

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Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed
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