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    These 18 Horror Stories Will Make You Feel Better If You Had A Shitty Prom

    I...have no words.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst thing that happened to them on prom night. Here are the disturbing results.

    1. The blood-soaked student who passed out:

    "During prom, someone in stilettos stepped on my foot. I felt a bit of pain but I couldn't see because of my big dress. When I finally sat down to look, I could see my foot and a huge blood clot coming out of my open wound. As someone who HATES the sight of blood, I panicked and promptly fainted. I came to with an oxygen mask on and a very concerned principal staring at me."


    2. The student who threw up on her principal:

    "We had a karaoke contest during my senior prom and no one had ever heard me sing, so they all talked me into performing. I'm not a horrible singer or anything, but I get the absolute WORST nerves. When I opened my mouth to start the first line, I vomited — full-on projectile vomit. I got it all over my principal and her husband."


    3. The date who had explosive diarrhea all night long:

    "My date and I had dinner at a restaurant before prom. About 20 minutes into the dance, I started experiencing the most horrendous stomach cramps. I spent another 20 minutes running desperately in and out of the bathroom before giving up and deciding to go home. On the 10-minute drive home, we had to pull over twice so I could curl up in a little ball. I later realized I had explosive diarrhea from a spoiled Caesar salad."


    4. The prom date who accidentally showed her goods to a police officer:

    "After prom, I tried to go pee but the school was closed, so my date drove me to the football field to use the outdoor bathrooms. I hiked up my dress to sit down, only to discover a bat flying around the stall! I immediately ran out of the bathroom, screaming, with my dress still hiked up. A police officer had stopped by the field to check on things and saw it all."


    5. The poor soul who got her period the night of prom:

    "My best friend got her period on prom night and when she got out of the limo, she realized she had actually bled through her pale yellow dress."


    6. The slow dance that literally destroyed this student's dreams:

    "I was invited to the after prom party by my crush of five years who told me, in these exact words, 'I really want you to come. It wouldn't be the same without you.' Naturally I assumed that meant he liked me. My evening was going great until he left me alone at the table to slow dance with another girl — right in front of my face. My harbored dreams for five years were stomped over by him with their stupid slow dance."


    7. The student who instantly became someone's doppelgänger:

    "At my junior prom, a girl wearing the exact same dress as me hooked up with a guy in the bathroom, so for the rest of the night all I heard was, 'Did you hear the girl in the pink dress f**ked [insert guy's name here] in the bathroom?!'"


    8. The student in pain all night long:

    "I broke my dominant wrist playing rugby the day before prom. As if my boyfriend having to cut my food and awkwardly dance with me wasn't enough, a friend accidentally twisted my newly injured arm, which hurt more than the actual break."


    9. The student who got stood up:

    "The day of prom, my whole family came from out of town to see me off. But after waiting for over an hour and calling my date multiple times, I figured he stood me up. When I got to prom, his friend told me he stood me up because he didn't like that I didn't tell people I was going with him to prom. But the guy still showed up to MY prom, even though he goes to another school. It got even worse when we ended up in the same car at the end of the night because my BFF is his cousin."


    10. The student who got dumped but still had to ride home with their date:

    "I got dumped on the way home from prom. I was in my $500 gown, and we were still 10 minutes away from home. I HAD to ride with him because he was driving my dad's car. When we pulled up to my house I ran inside crying. He then had to walk to the door to hand my father the car keys."


    11. The student whose date was caught with their ex:

    "I started dating this guy right before prom. We were going with friends but said we would see each other and hang out after the party. He disappeared, so I figured he was hanging out with his date. Monday morning, I heard from everyone that he had gotten caught having sex with his ex in the bathroom at prom and got kicked out."


    12. The student who tried to stunt but ended up in a messy situation:

    "I was walking past a group of mean girls. I tried walking past them very confidently and sassy, but I slipped and fell. When I looked, I realized I had actually slipped in someone's puke."


    13. The dancer whose dance moves betrayed them:

    "Ten minutes into prom, I was on the dance floor and dropped it too low. My pants ripped all the way down. Yes, all the way down."


    14. The sweet friend who had their toenail broken.

    "As I walked into prom, I went over to hug my friend, who then accidentally stepped on my foot. This broke my toenail and it not only bled all over the bottom of my dress, but made dancing painful the entire night."


    15. The student who saved her prom date and then got dumped:

    "My boyfriend was admitted into the hospital the morning of prom. When his mom called to tell me, I had just left the salon and I ended up ruining my $50 makeup from crying. When he got discharged from the hospital, we booked it to prom. We got there late, missing the photo booth, and we went back home because he caught a fever after dinner. He dumped me the next day."


    16. The student whose sticky hands ruined her dress:

    "Earlier that day, I was late for all of my appointments and didn't get a chance to eat. When I got to prom, I booked it to the food table for a plate of fries. While enjoying my crisp, ketchup-soaked fries, my hand brushed up against my dress. I felt something wet, and it was ketchup, all over the front of my $500 sheer chiffon dress. I ran to the bathroom to soak it but that only created huge oil blobs on the fabric. So within 15 minutes of prom, I ruined my dress and reeked of ketchup."


    17. The prom date who had to get cut out of her dress:

    "Last year, I wore a beautiful and pricey strapless satin dress. As we walked into the nicest restaurant in the city, the zipper burst all the way down the side of the dress. The zipper was still at the top and wouldn't budge, so I had no way to fix it. The waitress gave me a needle and thread and I spent the entire dinner in the bathroom sewing it back up. After the dance, my friends had to cut me out of my dress."


    18. And finally, the prom date who received the sex talk in front of her mother:

    "My date's mother told me I didn't look like a girl who would grind on her son. She continued to give me the sex talk, right in front of my mom, while my date and his dad went and 'talked about manhood.'"


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.