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These Hilarious Tweets About Pride Are Just What You Need Today

Pride month isn't about sparkles...but we still want our sparkles though.

1. When June comes around and you know it's time to get in formation:


2. It's the most wonderful time of the year:

pride month is basically gay christmas

3. When it's time for the rainbow treatment:

Happy Pride month! Don't forget to draw a rainbow on your doorpost before sundown so Mike Pence passes over your house.

4. And when you ensure everyone is wished a happy freakin' Pride Month:

can't believe no one has said this yet. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH to the loch ness monster, who is a lesbian

5. When the power of Pride let Ariana Grande's ponytail down and gave the world Legally Blonde 3:

Ariana Grande let her ponytail down and Reese Witherspoon is coming back for Legally Blonde 3? Pride Month is LIT it really is over for the heteros

6. When Pride Month means you can make straight people lip-synch to prove their worth:

Remember that it's PRIDE MONTH which means we're following official PRIDE RULES: any straight person who asks you for a favor may be required to LIP SYNC to a song of your choice to prove they're worthy. No exceptions.

7. When people must clap simply because you are, in fact, gay:

it's pride month which means every time i utter the phrase "im gay" you have to stand up and clap

8. When you make sure people know what Pride really stands for:

did you know that PRIDE is an acronym? P - pretty gay R - really gay I - indisputably gay D - definitely gay E - undertale gay

9. When you wake up every day in June feeling gayer than the day before:

I woke up today and instantly felt more gay Bc of pride month

10. When someone asks how gay you are:

11. When you've decided to charge all the straights for their opinions this month:

Non-LGBTQ people are now required to pay a fee of $1.99 to post their opinions during Pride Month.

12. Especially when they remember there's alcohol at Pride:

13. When brands ~strategically~ market themselves during this important time:

Marketing exec: “It’s pride month, what should we do?” “Put LGBTQ+ humans in our adverts?” Marketing exec: “RAINBOW PACKAGING YOU SAY? GENIUS. LINDA FIND OUT WHAT COLOURS ARE ON A RAINBOW” “but sir” “LINDA HOW DO YOU SPELL GAY”

14. And when they just throw a flag on everything, because, Pride:

15. When you remember this month is about celebration but also about remembering the lost:

This Pride Month, as ever, let us take a moment to mourn the tragic passing of millions and millions of Canadian girlfriends.

16. And when you thank your past lovers, even if they suck:

happy pride month to everyone but especially to my secret high school girlfriend thank you for making me the gay i am today: kinda anxious with a wild amount of intimacy issues

17. When Pride Month means people need to get out of your way:

18. When gay water, aka iced coffee, should really be free during June:

Iced coffee should be free for all gays during #PrideMonth

19. When you realize that your gay energy during Pride makes you powerful and omnipotent:

pride month means my gay energies are at maximum soon I'll make objects levitate with my mind

20. When you can actually block out all the straights for an entire month:

happy pride month i can’t believe straight people don’t exist anymore

21. And finally, when you realize that the gay gods are shining down on you:

This year for Pride Month, the gay gods have gifted us a movie starring Cate Blanchett AND Rihanna. It’s a 🌈 miracle. HAPPY PRIDE!

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