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    Popeyes' New Fashion Line Looks Just Like Ivy Park And This Is The Hilarious Content I Needed Today

    I'm not even gonna hold you guys up — these outfits are chicken sandwich spicy.

    Popeyes has some good chicken, y'all (no, I'm not being paid to say that), but now the chain restaurant is getting us in formation for something bigger than delicious chicken sandwiches. Popeyes is now selling its own clothing, and y'all. YOU GUYS.

    Love that look? It’s our uniform. Has been for a while. And now you can buy it. #LoveThatLookFromPopeyes

    Now, we all know that Beyoncé was recently in the news for serving us athleisure in the maroon-and-orange color palette, and a few people did mention Ivy Park's similarity to the Popeyes uniforms 👀

    OMG! Beyonce designed her Ivy Park x Adidas collection in the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich color way. I stan a marketing Queen! 😂 #IvyParkXAdidas

    Twitter: @AngelaDMack

    Well, Popeyes not only came through with a fashion line that actually is for a good cause (100% of the proceeds go to the Popeyes Foundation), but also used the opportunity to do a spoof of the Ivy Park marketing photos:


    I mean...this is the content we need. I have not stopped ROTFL. Here's Bey's version:

    And here we get a snapshot of Popeyes':


    Social media has cracked jokes all day, mostly because people are ready to get dressed and infiltrate the system for "free sammiches":

    Put this on, walk in a Popeyes & tell them you from corporate. Free Sammiches.

    Some of y'all are getting real SPICY in the comments, and I'm here for it:

    How many of y’all gonna do Popeyes role play in the bedroom? “Whut you mean y’all out of spicy?” “I said we was out of spicy CHICKEN, I never said we was out of MEAT...” *porn music starts as flour covered apron falls to the ground*

    Popeyes' marketing team deserves a 10/10:

    Also. I hope we never stop talking about Popeyes Marketing team. THIS IS AMAZING. They did their own version of Ivy Park merch.

    Child, some people thought we were having an Ivy Park x Popeyes collab:

    Why i thought ivy park was doing a collab with popeyes chile

    People also are theorizing how this whole thang even happened in the first place:

    Popeye’s Marketing team: What if we sell a line of clothing? Higher ups: of...Popeyes clothing? PMT: Yes. Higher ups: why would anyone want to wear that? PMT: *Looks at Ivy Park* us. I’m thinking that’s how it went 😂

    Girl, this ain't Ivy Park, this is POPEYES (but also, Beyoncé, you can still send me some Ivy Park):

    You wearing Ivy Park? Like nah girl this is Popeyes

    If Popeyes needs a new ambassador to sing the jingle, I gladly offer my services:

    @KarenCivil Love that Outfit from Popeyes

    What do y'all think? Are you going to cop you some Popeyes gear?