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    15 Of The Strangest Names Parents Have Given Their Kids That Make Me Wonder Why Are Y'all Like This

    I won't lie, I still think Apple is a cool name for a kid. Shoutout to Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Even though we've all got our own unique names, have you ever heard one that made you really stop and do a double take?

    CleanReserve4 asked the Reddit community, "What horrible, ridiculous names have you heard parents choose to call their children?" and y'all...SMH, you just have to read them to believe it.

    1. "Baby Girl. Yes, this was their legal name."


    2. "My neighbor was the 12th kid among his siblings. His parents named him Twelver."


    3. "I worked with someone named Baby. Before I knew of her, I saw an email that started with 'Hey, Baby.' I thought, 'I guess this guy didn’t do the mandatory annual anti-sexual harassment training?' I couldn’t believe it when I realized that was her actual name."


    4. "I met someone and their name was Lihburteee. Yes, like liberty."


    5. "Nevaeh. It's 'heaven' backwards. Anyone that tells you their daughter is named Nevaeh will also tell you that it's heaven spelled backwards. Every time."


    6. "An ex had two friends whose names were Haight and Rayge (hate and rage). Good luck, kids."


    7. "When I was pregnant, my now ex-MIL wanted me to name our son 'Rock.' My ex thought it would be funny to name him Rocky with the middle name 'Bal' so his name would be Rocky Bal Bowler."


    8. "Christgift, Christwill, and Christgood were all siblings. Bless their hearts."


    9. "I work at a college and often go through new applications to process them. I saw someone named Starscream Anakin. He has a normal last name. When I first saw it, I was certain that it was a kid f*cking with our application system. I get the Anakin part, but of all the Transformers to name your kid after, why on Earth make it Starscream?"


    10. "Queeth. Yes, honestly."


    11. "I went to high school with a guy named Zip Daub. His middle name was Adydo. They named that kid Zip Adydo Daub."


    12. "Novemba."


    13. "Had a little boy in my program named Rowdy. Then I found out his older brother is named Howdy."


    14. "I went to high school with a guy named John John John. Yes, his first name, middle name, and last name were all John."


    15. "Some friends of mine in high school knew a girl named Cash Money. Met her once."


    Have you ever heard a name that you thought was too good (well, too SOMETHING) to be true? Leave them down in the comments below!