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    I Immediately Felt Like A Rich Suburban Housewife After People Shared Inexpensive Hacks To Look More Expensive

    Why yes, I WILL pay extra for my guacamole.

    Even when we don't have the coins to make it happen, we can all admit that we like to look and feel wealthy even if it's on a budget.

    So Reddit user Smoldering_Wallaby asked, "If flying economy is one of the most expensive ways to feel poor, what's one of the cheapest ways to feel wealthy?" Here are some of the easiest and most inexpensive solutions that have me taking notes:

    1. "Ordering avocado without asking if it's extra, and when they say, 'That's an extra 50 cents,' you say, 'I don't care.'"

    2. "Getting tickets to anything last-minute during a snowstorm. I live in Boston, and you wouldn’t believe where you can sit at a Bruins game or an opera for next to nothing when all the folks from the 'burbs realize they can’t make it at like 3 p.m. for a 7 p.m. thing."

    3. "Tailored clothing. Taking in the sides of a shirt or a pair of pants is pretty easy with a sewing machine, some tutorials, and practice. I learned all the basic stuff from a YouTube channel called Stylish Dad."

    4. "Book a hotel during the week. Pick, like, a Tuesday night. There is a big supply-demand problem where hotels need enough rooms to host a ton of folks on the weekends, but weekdays are usually way less busy. You can snag a five-star hotel for 30–40 bucks a night if you time it right."

    5. "Drinking grape juice out of a wine glass."

    6. "Finding money in your old jacket."

    7. "A quilted pattern on your toilet paper."

    8. "I buy Powerball tickets because I get to fantasize for about an hour what my life would be like if I won. That's worth $2."

    9. "Spend 99 cents on an app that you can get the basic [version] for free."

    10. "Freshly dry-cleaned clothes. I've done it a couple times and feel like I'm ballin' out of control."

    11. "Using really good shampoo and having nice-smelling hair. Also getting into bed with nice clean sheets."

    12. "I like to leave large tips. I'm one of those introverts who likes eating alone and doesn't feel self-conscious about it. An absurd tip only adds a few bucks extra. I'm not sure how the servers feel about it, but it makes me feel good."

    13. "Go to a local food shelter and volunteer. Get your significant other a small gift just because you can. Leave a box of clothes on your doorstep for Veterans of America."

    14. "Shopping at Goodwill. $300 leather jacket for 30 bucks? Hell yeah. It literally cost more to have it dry-cleaned than what I bought it for."

    15. "Get a fountain pen — you can actually get single-use fountain pens for the same price as a good-quality ballpoint, but the writing experience instantly makes you feel like a rich British student who studies English or Latin and drinks only the finest tea and scotch."

    16. "Duct-tape a banana to your bedroom wall, apparently."

    What are some things you do to make you instantly look and feel wealthy?