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    19 Odd But Slightly Reasonable Reasons People Quit Their Jobs In 2020

    I'm sure you've quit your job for far less, so calm down.

    Although there are a million and one valid reasons to quit your job, some things are...interesting. While this is a judgement-free zone, when #oddreasonstoquityourjob started trending on Twitter, I needed to know what some of y'all's breaking points are. The results may astound you:

    First of all, we gonna do what we want:

    Folks, hear me now and hear me good: There IS no odd reason to quit a job. There ain’t a boss on General Tubman’s earth who is entitled to your physical or intellectual labor. If you want to quit a job because it’s Lizzo’s birthday, DO THAT SHIT.


    1. Apparently chicken tenders are a priority:

    #OddReasonsToQuitAJob Their cafeteria doesn't sell chickie tendies

    2. Repetitious music is a surefire way to make someone leave:

    Your getting bored by the same songs playing every single day #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    3. Wow, this just resonated with all of us who have worked in retail:

    #OddReasonsToQuitAJob I couldn't tell the customer that they are NOT always right.

    4. OK, this is pretty odd but who doesn't like a good selfie:

    Office bathroom lighting isn't ideal for selfies #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    5. Professional quitting is a full-time job:

    You are a professional quitter #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    6. Well...we always need a Karen:

    There’s no one named Karen #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    7. LOL, if only this is how money worked:

    The 401k didn't mean $401,000 #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    8. Tag is vital for our health:

    Not allowed to play tag games while at work! #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    9. OK, I can argue this one:

    Because you ran out of excuses for calling in #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    10. OOP:

    #OddReasonsToQuitAJob They were all Trump supporters.

    11. *Sigh* this ain't odd:

    12. It was casual with a small "c":

    Casual Friday wasn’t casual enough. #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    13. LOL, well yes, this would be a valid reason to leave:

    I believe my boss is a super villain. #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    14. Childdddddd, it's happy hour somewhere:

    Not allowed to drink on the job #OddReasonsToQuitAJob

    15. There's so much work, I hate it:

    #OddReasonsToQuitAJob "There's so much work," said every employee ever.

    16. Leave me alone during fall when my shows come back:

    #OddReasonsToQuitAJob don’t want to miss my shows

    17. I won't lie, I've never wanted a fancy toilet until I saw this:

    #OddReasonsToQuitAJob The toilet in the bathroom doesn’t look like this:

    18. Energy is important people:

    #OddReasonsToQuitAJob the Feng Shui in the office is all wrong.

    19. And last but certainly not least, Betty White is a huge reason to leave the job:

    Betty White is never there #OddReasonsToQuitAJob